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New oasis of wellness and design in Sweden

October 31, 2019

Have you ever stayed at a floating hotel? If the answer is no, you should take a look at the Arctic Bath. Find how you could have new unique wellness experiences there at below.

The Arctic Bath floats on a river / Ph : © Arctic Bath

New unique wellness experience at Sweden’s most innovative wellbeing hotel

If you are looking for a new relaxing escape, Arctic Bath is the right place for you. This Sweden’s most innovative wellbeing hotel will offer unique wellness experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.

Arctic Bath, one of the world’s most innovative wellbeing hotel, has an impressive design

Experience unique wellness and design / Ph : © Arctic Bath

Not only is it considered to be one of the most innovative wellbeing hotels in the world, but it is also very special. The Arctic Bath is being constructed on an unique destination (a river). In the summer, it will be caressed by flowing water and during winter, it will be locked in ice. It has two main areas, including a wellness area which is a combination of a natural circular plunge pool, sauna and treatment rooms, a hot bath and changing facilities, and bedrooms with Scandi-chic interiors, wood burners and picture windows overlooking the river. The Arctic Bath will be the perfect destination for your relaxing escape

Experience Gondola RidesWhat can you do at the Arctic Bath?

As the Arctic Bath is a wellbeing hotel, you can experience all the wellness treatments here. For example, you can take a dip in the natural, open-air pool, then head for a sauna, hot bath or massage. Additionally, the hotel will offer an incredibly intimate and isolated experience. There are only six cabins on the water which float on the Lule River or are frozen into it, depending on the weather. There are Wi-Fi access, air conditioning and heating in all rooms. The spa includes one treatment room, four saunas, a hot bath, and an outdoor cold bath. Also, there is an outdoor space in the center of its circular shape and guests can sunbathe or jump into the cold water. The spa will be focused on wellness treatments, nutrition, exercise, peace of mind, and the care of face and body. All the food in the menus will feature local ingredients, and more. 

This unique building is the ultimate place to catch the aurora borealis when it opens in Jan 2020. Staying here, you will have a lot of unique wellness experiences. So what are you waiting for?

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