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New-launched genetic test for hair loss is worth a try?

October 04, 2019

It is irritating when you suffer from hair loss. The new hair loss treatment test from Fagron will help you determine the cause of hair loss and an appropriate treatment for you.

The Fagron TrichoTest helps determine the reason for hair loss

Hair loss is more common in men, but it can happen to anyone. Depending on what’s causing it, hair loss can appear in different ways. To determine the cause of it, a new genetic test for hair loss has been launched to assist practitioners in recommending the suitable hair loss treatments.

What is the test about?

The Fagron TrichoTest analyses a patient’s DNA and lifestyle factors in order to know exactly why they lose their hair. Practitioners will take a saliva test and analyse three polymorphisms within 16 DNA mutations. In total, they examine 48 genetic variations in this hair loss treatment test. Additionally, they prepare a questionnaire for patient which includes family history, emotional state, habits, physical activity, medication, and pathologies. 

All factors are taken into consideration to propose an individualised treatment that will be the most effective to each patient. This DNA test for hair loss can be used by anyone who wants to understand how their genetics affect alopecia treatment, people who have a family history of hair loss and who have tried different treatments with no success.

What are the benefits of the gene test for hair loss?

The test offers a personalised prescription which is developed for patients. Also, it will explain your genetic factors and the relation between genetic characteristics and hair treatment in a full report. Additionally, patients will have support from consultants who have a deep understanding of genetic factors. 

Another benefit of this hair loss treatment test is that you don’t have to take another test during your life because the result will not change. The results of the Fagron TrichoTest are shared only with the prescriber through an online platform. Also, they will use the report to select the most suitable treatment option for patients.

Instead of going to see a doctor, it is now more convenient for patients who suffer from hair loss because they can get their personalized treatments thanks to this latest innovative test.

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