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New artistic touch to Louis Vuitton’s iconic Capucines bag

June 09, 2019

Artycapucines: six contemporary artists bring their visions to Louis Vuitton’s iconic Capucines bag.

The 6 limited-edition Louis Vuitton Capucines bags designed by Sam Falls, Urs Fischer, Alex Israel, Nicholas Hlobo, Tchabalala Self, and Jonas Wood 

The limited-edition creation by Alex Israel

For Israel, to focus in on Los Angeles and its powerful cultural and social spheres, its contradictions and its beauty, is to understand the obsessions not just of America, but also of the world.

The limited-edition creation by Sam Falls

Sam Falls uses the natural world to create artworks that explore the materiality of colour and light through photographic techniques and everyday objects.

The limited-edition creation by Jonas Wood

Jonas Wood’s lush and colourful work with their disorientating compressions of space and saturation of patterns.

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