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Nest Hub Max – Google’s New smart home device

May 11, 2019

Apart from Android 10 and the new Pixel duo, Google has recently unveiled a device to compete with the Echo Show of Amazon. The Nest Hub Max is a smart home display which is larger than Google Home Hub launched last year. Therefore, the last year device was renamed as Nest Hub.  

A new hardware device combining Google services

Nest Hub Max includes all functions that users already know about the Nest Hub (formerly Google Home Hub) as a digital photo frame provided by Google Photos. Moreover, it provides home view panel, allows you to completely control the connected device.  

Nest Hub Max can be used as a TV inside the kitchen with large 10-inch screen. In addition, it can stream favorite programs and sports on YouTube TV. You can also use the Google Assistant to command by voice, search for recipes or play music.  

Google has recently unveiled a new hardware device called Nest Hub Max / Ph: Google

Smart camera system

Nest Hub Max has a Nest Cam that help you follow everything happened at home. You can easily view the monitoring history, turn on Home function or Away Assist and receive notification if the camera detects motion or does not recognize someone in your house.  

Hub Max Camera also helps you connect with family, friends and make video call easily with Google Duo. This camera has wide-angle lens that automatically adjust to keep you in the frame middle. Furthermore, you can chat with your friends or relatives on any iOS device or Android and web browser.

Nest Hub Max- perfect for displaying photos, streaming videos and making video calls to catch up with your friends and family

In case you would like to increase the volume, you can use fast gestures. All you need are to look at the device and raise your hands, Nest Hub Max will carry out the rest thanks to gesture recognition technology.

Nest Hub Max will be available later in 2019 for $229. In the United States, it will be found at Google Store, Best Buy, Target and Home Depot.


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