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Natural cures for feminine dryness

October 30, 2019

According to statistics, there is one out of three women having vaginal dryness, a common symptom of menopause. This figure is understandable as when a woman ages, their hormone production changes, which can result in the thin and dry walls of vagina. This is not comfortable to endure this kind of condition. Therefore, women should equip themselves with some natural methods that can help them deal with this problem. Below are some natural cures for feminine dryness.

Exercising helps improve both your mental and physical health

#1: Avoid perfumed products

There are a lot of products integrated with fragrance such as soaps, powders and deodorants. However, these products can increase the vaginal irritation and cause dryness at your “sensitive place”. So, one of the feminine dryness remedies is to reduce the consumption of perfume products at your house to protect your sensitive vagina.

#2: Have more sexual activities

The Journal of the American Medical Association conducted a survey among over 50 postmenopausal women who have sex regularly. According to this survey, those having sexual activities 3 times or more per month tend to have less chance to have vaginal dryness than others. It is true because when you have sex, the flow of your blood will be enhanced, therefore, the genitals in your body will be healthier.

#3: Exercise

This kind of natural cures for female dryness brings people a number of benefits. Besides gaining a lean body, people can also balance their hormone by exercising on a regular basis. Thus, they can reduce the irritation of vagina. 

#4: Give up smoking

Probably almost everyone knows that smoking is very harmful for themselves. In fact, smoking increases the risk of enhancing the vaginal atrophy, decreases estrogen levels as well as leading to numerous different diseases. 

In conclusion, there are several home remedies for female lubrication. The aforementioned ones are among the easiest and most common feminine dryness remedies nowadays. Apart from them, women can also use some natural herbs for female lubrication.


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