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Natural antioxidants market is at its prime

November 13, 2019

The global natural antioxidants market is witnessing a great time as consumers are turning to products made from natural antioxidants.

Natural antioxidants market is at its prime
Fighting against the oxidation of fat

Address oxidation of fats

Through a host of processes, including oxygen eradication, free radical decrement and renewal of primary antioxidants, natural antioxidants can help to fight against oxidation of fat. This is the reason why antioxidant food for weight loss is more and more popular these days and become one of the top health and beauty trends. After carrying several researches, scientists have proved that the result of using these antioxidants in losing weight is better than that of synthetics antioxidants.

Natural antioxidants are less volatile and more stable when being heated, which is the reason why antioxidant foods can offer better aid to frying, cooking and baking. Moreover, in comparison with synthetic antioxidants, natural antioxidants are much better when it comes to the ability of fat and water dissolving. Some particular types of natural antioxidants are proven to have no negative influence on the aroma and the appearance of the final products.

Tocopherol, a popular type of natural antioxidants in crude vegetable oil, is necessary to the oxidative resilience in the final products. It acts as a tool to search and collect free radicals in order to fight against cellular damage chiefly.

Following the health and wellness trends, many foods and beverage manufacturers are turning from synthetic antioxidants to its rival – natural antioxidants. There is no doubt that natural antioxidants are becoming the dominating additives in the international food and beverage industry, thus facilitating the expansion of the global natural antioxidants market enormously. Both FDA and EFSA are encouraging manufacturers to use natural antioxidants in their products instead of synthetic ones which have been using for a long time. At the same time, tighter laws and regulations are brought in to control the use of synthetic antioxidants in foods and drinks.

To take a step to the cosmetics industry

Natural antioxidants market is at its prime
Natural antioxidants are replacing artificial ones in the cosmetics industry

Thanks to its skin protection abilities, natural antioxidants are creating new natural beauty market trends. They perform a perfect answer to the question “How to look younger naturally home remedies?” and are believed to be a secret to the beauty inside out. The natural phenolic compounds contained in high antioxidant fruits and veggies are proven to bring a host of benefits in the arena of cosmetics, including antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing. The corporation of anti-ageing products and formulations which are rich in phenolic antioxidants provide a defence mechanism against reactive oxygen species. This mechanism helps to keep youthful look.

Following the inside out beauty trend, many cosmetics brands have mixed polyphenols, a substance which is derived from green tea, with creams and lotions to aid the anti-ageing process. These creams and lotions have received many supports from consumers, leading to a noticeable success in the natural antioxidants market. Alpha-lipoic acid, a substance contained in tomatoes and broccoli, is also used in different types of cosmetics products for its high free radical scavenging property. Cosmetics that contain alpha-lipoic acid are in high demand in the international beauty market because of its practical effectiveness in warding off wrinkles and pores.

And present a peak demand for organic products

One of the latest health and beauty trends, besides turning to most antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, is to use natural antioxidants to replace some types of chemicals in food and beverage products. Australia and New Zealand are two pioneers in this field.

These countries utilize sodium metabisulphite (SMBS) to sustain the quality of fresh sausages, instead of using synthetic antioxidants which will lead to the loss of vitamin B1. There are also stricter rules and regulations on the use of artificial antioxidants in food and drink, leaving natural antioxidants manufacturers on tremendous spirits.

The natural beauty trends emerge gradually in China and India. Consumers in these most populous countries are turning their back to chemical-based cosmetics due to possible side effects. Besides, a significant increase in the sales of anti-ageing products and the expansion of male beauty market segments present an ideal opportunity for natural antioxidants in the cosmetics industry.

Synergism and innovation are forming stakeholders’ strategies

The combination of different natural antioxidants presents good results
The combination of different natural antioxidants presents good results. 

Look younger secrets are not about a primary natural antioxidant but a combination of several ones to facilitate the beauty inside outside while satisfying other consumers’ demand. Rosemary extract which is regularly used in food performs well in animal fats. However, the odour and aroma are bad. Scientists have pointed out that the combination of two or more natural antioxidants still delivers good results and pleasant aroma in most cases. This basis leads to a combination of tocopherol and rosemary to obtain optimum efficacy.

To reduce food wastage to the lowest level, food manufacturers are extracting natural antioxidants from the bran layer of cereal plants which have been discarded before. These bran-derived natural antioxidants, in fact, are not as efficient as those existing natural antioxidants, according to research. However, manufacturers are conducting research and development, hoping to unleash full capacities of bran-derived natural antioxidants.

The march of the natural antioxidants market

It can be easily witnessed that consumers around the world are showing their huge interest in food ingredients which contain affluent nutritional benefits. As a result of beauty and wellness trends, many consumers are applying a healthy regime to maintain and improve their health. Not only unhealthy ingredients but also chemicals are being eliminated from their meals.

High antioxidant fruits and vegetables list has become a part of many families. Research finds that consumers are turning their interest in food and beverages that contain natural antioxidants. A third of consumers in the research reported to keep their eyes on natural ingredients in the products and that these products appear more appealing to them than these products containing artificial antioxidants.

The trend of “vegan” and “clean label” are forming their great position in the consumers’ mind. It seems that consumers rely on natural oxidants in the form of medicines to fulfil the demand for nutrients of their bodies. Natural beauty market trends, on the other hand, are presenting a potential risk to chemical-based cosmetics products as they are believed to subject to negative effects.

The natural antioxidants market is experiencing a gradual development thanks to the peak demand in natural antioxidants in many different industries, such as cosmetics and food and beverage.

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