German natural and organic cosmetics market is increasing in demand

Recently, natural and organic cosmetics have become the most popular trend in beauty industry over the world. In Germany, this segment gained more than a million new customers in 2018.

However, the attention of customers are gradually changing into ethical and social-ecological ingredients because of their benefits.

Facts and figures

According to Naturkosmetik Konzepte, a market research and consulting firm in Germany, the German market for natural and organic cosmetics last year growed nearly 6 percent, which is such an incredible number for the beauty industry in this country. At the same time, the entire cosmetics market were in a state of stagnation when there was no change at the growth rate. Companies selling natural and organic cosmetics in 2018 gained 1.26 billion euros in total, both online and offline.

In 2018, there was 40% of German customers buying natural and organic cosmeitcs for the first time/ Ph: cossma

From natural to ethical and social-ecological ingredients

Customers, especially the youth,  are becoming pickier than before as they want new and trustworthy products made by raw materials that still be trendy. Naturkosmetik Konzepte reported that new shoppers did not prefer big brands with high-end products but small ones which could demonstrate their own ethic priciples to customers.

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Creating trust between customers is among the difficult things for companies to do/ Ph: ethicalunicorn

As the world is facing with so many problems nowadays, the concern about how to protect it is necessary for each individual. Therefore, customers want brands with nature-friendly and zero waste products that are not harmful to environment. This both saves the globe and the human health.

Overall, the German beauty market shows customers want to buy natural products made by raw ingredients, which are good for the planet. Therefore, German beauty companies should find ways to manufacture goods satisfying this requirement of customers in order to develop successfully in long-term.

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