The world’s most beautiful museum - Muzeum Susch to open in Switzerland

Grażyna Kulczyk, a collector and billionaire, has built a fascinating museum-one of the world’s most beautiful museums. The article will provide some useful information about the Muzeum Susch.

Do you know Grażyna Kulczyk?

Grażyna Kulczyk is a well-known Polish investor and art collector. She started her working life with technology start-ups in the 1990s when women were not respected in the workplace. She thought that to achieve their goals, women needed to put even more efforts than men, and she did it. Her efforts have been recognized by Art News magazine when she is one of the 200 top collectors in the world.

Muzeum Susch

Muzeum Susch is perceived as one of the world’s most beautiful museums. It officially is opened on 2 January 2019 in Susch, a small town of about 200 residents.

Muzeum Susch- One of the world's most beautiful museums / Ph: artprivee


Grażyna Kulczyk has a passionate interest in art. She started collecting paintings from women artists during her years at college. At her Susch- one of the world’s most beautiful museums she proposes to show mostly the work of women. Moreover, paintings of those who have not received the full recognition are also displayed in this one of the world’s most beautiful museums.

When building the world’s most beautiful museum Susch, they had to carve our 9,000 tons of mountain rock to create galleries space. 2 architects Chasper Schmidlin and Lukas Voellmy were responsible for the design of Susch.

Grażyna Kulczyk, talking about her one of the world’s most beautiful museums, “In the remote and beautiful mountain surroundings, we are afforded the opportunity to do something different and disruptive, to encourage a ‘slow-art’ approach to appreciating art in a contemplative, quiet context”.

Kulczyk’s collection has some famous names. If you are curious and interested in art, join her show “A Woman Looking Ar Men Looking At Women” in this one of the world’s most beautiful museums to find out more.

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