Mindfulness and sleep help entrepreneurs reduce stress

In fact, not only entrepreneurs, we all are now facing the risk of exhaustion. Research shows that it can be a consequence of problems related to job results such as dissatisfaction, absence rates, ineffective decisions, and revenue, ..

..as well as issues related to health such as depression, cardiovascular disease, and even death.

Benefits of mindfulness and sleep for entrepreneurs

In fact some evidence shows that entrepreneurs are at greatest risk of exhaustion because they are often extremely passionate about work and more isolated to society. This will greatly affect economic growth - the company's success or failure, even bankruptcy.

It can be seen that entrepreneurs with a high score of obsession with work are more likely to be exhausted than real-life enthusiasts. People who are obsessed with the job think that it takes a lot of effort to work all day. They easily feel disappointed. For some entrepreneurs, exhaustion makes them anxious and stressed constantly.

The fact of the matter is that the "mindfulness" method to control and relieve stress comes from Buddhism. Today it is spreading in medicine as a way to treat neurological diseases, relieve pain, even cure dangerous cancer.

What exactly is mindfulness? According to Dr. Ute Hülsheger and co-authors of the study from the Netherlands, it is a state of attention without judgment and awareness of experiences in each moment.

Mindfulness can help entrepreneurs reduce stress

There is growing evidence that mindfulness training reduces symptoms of some emotional and behavioral disorders such as depression and anxiety. It is true to say that entrepreneurs will have fun at work and work effectively through both mindfulness and sleep.

All in all, exhaustion is hard to avoid in entrepreneurs. However, entrepreneurs can minimize exhaustion with sleep and mindfulness.

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