Millennials Is The Key Factor To The Growth Of Cosmetic Surgery

The demands to look good of millennials have been dramatically increased. They want to stay “perfect” all the time. That’s why millennials drive aesthetics treatments growth. The following article will give you more information about this.

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The effects of millennials on the increase of cosmetic surgery

According to the latest survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (the AAFPRS), there is a strong link between millennials (now 22-37 years old) and the growing demand for cosmetic procedures.

Specifically, the average number of aesthetics treatments has almost doubled since 2013 (up 47 percent) with a 22 percent increase in Botox injections compared to 2013. Additionally, there is a significant increase in facial plastic surgeons in patients under age 30 during 2018. AAFPRS members also note that patients under age 30 pay more attention on early care or pre-juvenation both in the physician’s office and at home. They are trying so hard to control the ageing process, so they take prevention seriously which leads to the rise of cosmetic surgery.

Other key trends identified in the report are:

#1- Natural-look rules

Even celebrities have huge impact on the beauty world, the fact is that trends are shifting away from overly-enhanced looks like the infamous. Patients want to have a natural-looking outcome and become the better version of themselves.

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#2- Injectables increase

The first and second most popular treatments performed by facial plastic surgeons last year were Botox and fillers. 

#3- Revisions on the rise

The average number of revision surgery has rocketed double in the past year. Approximately one third of facial plastic surgeons attribute this rise in revisions to the increase in non-medical staff doing procedure.

Here are some basic information about the way millennials have driven the growth of aesthetic treatments. Let’s visit Vuhes often for more information about the beauty world.

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