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Mia Men: New high-tech device for Men Beauty

August 11, 2019

Nowadays, men beauty is one of the big beauty trends. Recently, Clarisonic has launched a new face wash product to attract attention from the male beauty buyers.

Clarisonic® assure the position as the No. 1 home beauty device in the United States when inventing sound cleaners more than ten years ago with patented devices became the golden standard in men beauty skin-care.

Facial Cleansing Brushes / Ph. Clarisonic

A new smart beauty device for younger looking skin treatment for men

Recently Clarisonic set in motion Mia Men, a distinctive and unique facial cleansing device designed specifically for men’s thicker skin and designed to meet their skincare needs effectively. 

Powered by Clarisonic’s patented audio technology, the Mia Men has an easy-to-use 60-second Male Mode. It has two optimized intensities for a better cleaning than alone and prepares for a smoother, closer shave. 

The first is the 40-second Daily Cleanse, which provides deep cleansing capabilities for skin and beard to cleanse oil, sweat, and dirt. Next is Power Cleanse for 20 seconds, eliminating skin buildup and softening the beard to reduce stings and razors while preparing facial hair for a smoother, closer shave. Mia Men has a waterproof design to use when bathing. Like all Clarisonic, Mia Men devices are safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Mia Men is combined with Clarisonic’s new Brush Heads to massage the skin and absorb impurities from the pores gently. Next, it will wash away excess sebum and pollution particles for cleaner skin. The head of the charcoal brush is soaked in black charcoal, allowing it to go deep into the pores to remove excess oil. It cleans up PM 2.5 pollutants better than manual cleaning. Detoxifying skin is purified and refreshed – clear and cleaner than ever.

Mr. Jia Zhu, Clarisonic brand manager, shared that millions of consumers (mostly women) comment to share that their spouses stole their device. Clarisonic Mia Men facial cleanser was sold at, Amazon,, and and sold for $99.

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