Men’s grooming category is being grown with new products

Nowadays, not only women but also men are taking care of their appearance seriously. Men are no longer want basic grooming products but the ones that can make them look the best.

Therefore, so many companies are trying their best to provide products that can meet those demands.

New men’s grooming products

When it comes to shaving, men tend to choose goods that bring them closeness and comfort, according to officials at Procter & Gamble. As a result, his company introduced Beard Balm, reflecting men’s individuality, masculinity and is very suitable in flexible environment. In addition, the brand also launched Gillette Skinguard, a kind of razor that meets the needs for large portions of the shaving population. 

Gillette Skinguard - The razor raises the blades to stop irritation/ Ph: Gillette 

Pointing out the obvious

Marburger said that men were looking for fast and convenient shopping experiences, therefore, traditional retailers lost ground to e- commerce merchants. Additionally, with the understanding that men want depth of assortment within trusted labels, P&G’s Bhalla advised retailers to move Gillette goods from closed to open sales on the shelf. He also reminded these retailers that showing price products would earn shoppers’ business.

Creating buzz

This year, Wahl will debut a new clipper technology. An 18- carat gold trimmer will also be introduced in the company’s 100th year anniversary. However, Yde suggested brick- and- mortar retailers tackle this category aggressively. In order to drive growth in men’s grooming, companies that have breakthrough products offering new consumer benefits will be the leaders of the marketplace.

To sum up, it is understandable that men’s grooming is increasing quickly nowadays. Thus, any company which wants to acquire success ought to apply men’s grooming innovation into their products. This will attract more customers to buy and help raise their revenue a lot.

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