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MeituBeauty and multi- platform partnership

December 15, 2018

Nowaydays, there are a number of companies corporating with each other in order to develop better as well as to meet the growing demands of customers and so does Meitu. This company, along with Secoo, which is an online luxury marketplace, with an aim to operating MeituBeauty platform. The partnership brings a lot of benefits to both companies in the beauty industry.

Corporating to innovate

Thanks to Secoo, Meitu’s advanced Artificial Intelligence ( AI) skin testing technology can be added into its supply chain through TryTry. As a result, clients are able to have a chance to enjoy enhanced shopping experience. Furthermore, this cooperation helps Meitu to concentrate on its beauty and social media strategy and reap the advantages of a “ guaranteed and shared income”. Its app matrix also offers a deep level of service for MeituBeauty at the same time.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho meitu beauty trytry

Both companies have the same vision of establishing a multi- platform for merchants, services and customers/ Ph:

Going beyond mobile applications

Meitu announced that it would partner with different types of companies to enhance its retail experience. Particularly, the company has cooperated with DFS to launch the Magic Mirror which uses a skin analysis feature on its app to provide users with a variety of product recommendations. Meitu also corporated with CK Hutchison to establish a new social media which is orientated business model. This platform can gain access to Meitu’s users, too.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho meitu beauty the magic mirror

The corporation can help Meitu focus on business and technologies while scaling its large user base/ Ph:

To sum up, no one can denied the great benefits that Meitu can receive when cooperating with other companies. Thus, any firm which wants to develop business and technologies to attract the large number of consumers should take multi- platform corporation into consideration.

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