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MediScent : The latest Wellness Frangrance Trend

May 04, 2019

Fragrance has been dismissed for a long time. In a 2011 survey, 53% of millennials said that they’d choose to have a tech device rather than their sense of smell. But now, everything is about to change. Fragrance is the Latest Wellness Trend because of their influences, as identified in the 2019 Wellness Trends from the Global Wellness Summit.

MediScent : The latest Wellness Frangrance Trend

The influence of scent

Believe or not, about 75% of the emotions we generate everyday are affected by smell. And because of this, we are more likely to remember something 100 times better when we smell rather than we see, hear or touch.

Study at the University of Toronto has shown that scent has strong influences on forming new memories. That’s why, we can use scent in not only treating memory loss but also enhancing memory recollection and improving cognitive learning.

Scent as medicine in aromatherapy

Mental wellness

Scent therapy is developed to heal people suffering from neurological disorders, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease because scent triggers positive memories from their past.

Scent in branding

Scent is a key factor to complete a brand’s identity. For instance, women are more likely to loyal to the hair-care products with the scent they like. So the hair-care brands develop the personal care products that can smell all day.

Beauty brands are likely to produce products with the pleasant aroma 

Scent’s power in workplace wellness

Aroma has been used as an invisible mood enhancer for both employee satisfaction and productivity. For example, a Japanese company found that adding lavender and jasmine to the working atmosphere soothed employees while a lemon fragrance increased their productivity by 54%.

Scent of a place

Scent has ability to transport us to other places. That’s why hotels, boutiques,… use signature scents to make us feel relaxing as we are at home. And spas are developing scent to trigger subtle changes in our bodies such as lowering heart rate.

Scent has a magical power in wellness. And in the future, we can expect aromas will be used in many ways we would never have thought of both in public and personal spaces.

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