The Manual: a new grooming and wellness platform for men

The stresses related to entrepreneurship is one of the factors that affect the foundation of this well-being guide for men platform.

The Manual - new grooming and wellness platform has a task to help men take care of themselves. Observing that men average 70% less to seek medical care than women, George and Michalis decided to build a comprehensive destination and guide men to feel good, look good and be healthy.

Personal care for men is a large and rapidly growing global market / Ph. Pinterest

Platform aimed at the strong market that still has few opponents

"At Manual we want men to take control of their health and happiness by helping guide them to the choices that work best for them. We believe this starts with promoting a change in how men approach their well-being. Michalis and I both have firsthand experience of the physical and mental toll that can happen when you’re not looking out for yourself, and at Manual we want to encourage men to talk openly, challenging the outdated notions of masculinity where ‘being a man’ meant sweeping problems under the carpet," said Manual CEO George Pallis, who co-founded the company along with Michalis Gkontas.

They decided to start their journey by solving some of the most common problems of men: alopecia and erectile dysfunction (ED). One thing that is quite impressive is that at age 50, 1 in 4 men will experience some type of ED and 1 in 2 men will suffer from hair loss with less than 15% and 7% of these men will be treated.

Personal care for men is a large and rapidly growing global market ($166 billion).

Pallis was most recently a Resident Entrepreneur (EIR) at Felix Capital. Previously, he ran marketing at Deliveryoo, as a Marketing Director. Before that, he was the first employee at TransferWise. Gkontas built and escaped the Forky healthy food startup to Vivartia in 2018. The couple said that the stresses related to entrepreneurship also showed their decision to build the foundation for well-being guide for men.

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