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Male beauty standards around the world

March 23, 2020

The world of beauty no longer belongs to only women. Men are caring more and more about their appearance. However, male beauty standards around the world are not the same. Let’s take a look at some different standards.


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The growing demand for male beauty treatments

As what the American Society of Plastic Surgeons had analyzed, there has been a sharp increase in the number of plastic surgery for men. Comparing to that figure of the year 2000, last year, the number of men aesthetics procedures increased up to 29%.

The market for men’s beauty products and beauty treatments is very potential. From 2012 to 2013, the number of men’s beauty products all over the world grew up to 70%. Especially, in 2013, the total value of men’s skincare industry was up to $3.3 billion.

Many people still hold an unfair prejudice about men’s beauty. However, they need to take it easy as men and women are equal now. There even many protests which require equality between male and female. Women have used botox aesthetics and many other beauty and aesthetic treatments to improve their appearance as well as boost their confidence for years. So why men cannot do the same things? Men obviously can undergo male beauty treatments to be more confidence and attractive.

As women, the ageing signs of men start to be clearer when they are at the age of 40. They can appear sooner, which depends on changes in each person’s lifestyle, according to Mr Alan Matarasso – the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This includes the lack of sleep, the fluctuation of diet, the regularity of exercises. For instance, if a man does not sleep well for a long time, he tends to be older than a man which is at the same age but has enough sleep. This will make him less attractive, which is the reason for the growing demand for male beauty treatments.

Some male beauty standards around the world

Male beauty standards are different in different parts of the world. If you read men’s beauty magazine in different countries, you will know about this more clearly. Each country, each culture have a particular view on standards of ideal male face, ideal male body measurements, ideal male height, ideal male weight. The demand for male beauty treatments as well as the demand for each type of male aesthetic treatments depends greatly on male beauty standards around the world.

Typically, when it comes to men’s beauty, we often talk about weight, masculinity, or racial objectification and preference. Although the male beauty standards can be influenced by the development of internet and social media, each country still has its own standard of men’s beauty. Here we give some examples of male beauty standards in different countries after gathering information from famous men’s beauty magazines and male beauty news.

Ideal male beauty around the world

Male beauty standards in The United States

According to online popularity, in the beauty field, the biggest male beauty influencers include Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum. A group of researchers from San Francisco State University points out that muscular is the key term when it comes to US men’s beauty. In which, the “V-shaped” body is the most attractive. American ideal male body must be a broad upper body: broad shoulders, pectoral muscles and biceps.

“V-shaped” body type is one of male beauty standards in America

However, nowadays, it seems that American men are applying other male beauty standards. They care more about men’s grooming guides, men’s grooming tips, men’s beauty tips, male aesthetic treatments, male beauty products. This is good news for the global beauty industry. According to Euromonitor International, a professional market data firm, the value of American male beauty market increased sharply in the 1997-2009 period (from $2.4 billion in 1997 to $4.8 billion in 2009).

Male beauty standards in Brazil

Brazil is a multiracial country. According to 2010 figures, there are 47.7 % of the population are white people, 7.6% of the population are black people and the remains are mixed race. The white men, who account for nearly half of all men in Brazil, have their ideal beauty of straight and fair hair. For both men and women, it is “Germanic features” which dominate the ideal beauty.

The male beauty market is a potentially growing market in Brazil. Moreover, it is normal for Brazilian men to undergo any kind of male aesthetic treatments. Both the people and the society have accepted it. And when it comes to male beauty treatments, Brazilian men often focus on their body with the appeal of being muscular.

Male beauty standards in United Kingdom

British ideal man often have a beard / Ph: Pexels@Fernanda Latronico


The male beauty influencers, who are the symbol of men’s beauty in the United Kingdom, are David Beckham, Robert Pattison and Jamie Dornan. The UK’s male ideal beauty is more about the attractive and hot body, like what you often see in some famous models and professionals footballers.

In addition, many men in Britain and also many Western European nations are showing their interest in the beard. In their mind, this kind of hair is one of the symbols for a man’s masculinity and sexiness.

Moreover, there is about 20% of British men who have at least one tattoo. This makes British one of the most tattoo-favoured countries in the world. The British famous people who are usually addicted to tattoos have a lot of tattoos in many parts of their bodies.

We will take David Beckham as a typical example. He is known as one of the most attractive men in the world. David Beckham has about 40 tattoos on his body. Some of the tattoos in this handsome star are his love for his wife and children. He has his wife “Victoria”, his daughter “Harper”, his son “Cruz” and “Brooklyn”, his son’s nickname “Buster” inked in his body. Besides, there are numerous tattoos coming in pictures, numbers, English, Chinese, Romanian with different meanings. He also has the message from his boy “We love you daddy” inked in his left rib cage and a picture of his sweet little girl inked in his hand.

Male beauty standards in South Korea

When it comes to men’s beauty, we cannot miss South Korea, the country which creates the Hallyu (South Korean pop culture). Hallyu does not only dominate the entertainment in Asia but it also has a certain position in global entertainment.


Muscular body and a handsome face are Korean male beauty standards / Ph: facebook


The South Korean pop culture includes music, movies and TV has influenced male beauty standards. The most popular Korean actors are Won Bin, Lee Min Ho, Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Huyn, Ji Chang Wook, Huyn Bin, So Ju Sub, Lee Joon Gi, Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Jo In Sung, Park Seo Joon,…In the field of male groups, there are some hottest groups: BIGBANG, iKON, Super Junior, EXO, BTS, Winner, Shinee, Got7, Stray Kids, Seventeen, TXT, NU’EST, Astro,…

If you notice carefully, you will realize that most of these famous actors and stars have a muscular body and a young and handsome face. The male beauty standards in Korea are the combination of a hard, muscular body with some soft features. These soft features can be the white and smooth skin, the big and beautiful eyes, the straight nose, high nose bridge,…That is the male beauty standards which are dominating South Korea and having a great effect on the standards of other countries, especially in Asia.

Asian men, especially young boys, are starting to follow these beauty trends created by Korean famous people. They apply many male beauty tips, use different types of beauty products, go to the gym, buy fashion-forward clothing in order to be most attractive and handsome. Moreover, it becomes common for a man in South Korea to wear makeup and undergo male aesthetic treatments.

The male beauty industry in South Korea is one of the most developed one in the world. There is nowhere that men spend as much money on beauty products and male aesthetic treatments as men in South Korea. In 2017, the total value of Korean beauty industry was about $10 billion, in which the male beauty products accounted for up to 10%, according to the figures from the professional industry sources. This vast development also makes beauty blogger, a job in which people share men’s beauty tips, test and introduce beauty products, become a hot and well-paid job.

Similarly, the aesthetic industry also develops gradually. More and more men in South Korea are taking male aesthetic treatments to reach the male beauty standards that have already been set. They often have the part of their body fixed to have bigger eyes, straight and high bridge nose, double eyelids, six packs abs, white and smooth skin.

Male beauty standards in Australia

When it comes to Australian male beauty influencers, the names coming first in your mind must be Hugh Jackman, the Hemsworth brothers and Ryan Kwanten. These men get the beauty standards which many Australian agree with: big upper body and muscular. This is what men here want to be if they can change their body. It seems that most of them want are appealed to a muscular body.


Hugh Jackman is an Australian male beauty influencers / Ph: pinterest


The Australian men are often seeking for these male aesthetic treatments: nose jobs, ear corrections, penis enlargement, eyelid lifts, liposuction and facelifts. You can notice that besides the body aesthetics surgeries, the men here are paying their attention to their face, like what Korean men often do. Actually, most of the Australian male aesthetic treatments is for their face. They seem do not like the kind of male aesthetic treatments that creates six packs abs or gets rid of belly fat. Instead of looking for an aesthetics centre to help them to get a perfect body, they would like to go to the gym themselves.

Although Australian men do not spend too much time and money to get their body fixed, they still were voted as sexiest men in the world, according to a 2013 survey which was carried by website.


Male beauty standards in South Africa


Before knowing male beauty standards in South Africa, we may need to know the root of these standards. In 2011, the population of South Africa was more than 65 million, in which the number of black Africans accounted for up to 79.6%. The white people just accounted for 8.9% of all the population. However, if you had read South Africa’s men’s beauty magazine, you would have noticed that 77% of the covers in “Men’s Health South Africa” and “GQ South Africa” magazine were white people.


Thinness and muscularity are keywords when talking about South African male beauty standards / Ph: pinterest


It is not true to say that the ideal model of men in South Africa is the one with white skin. Actually, representation in men’s beauty magazine and media is affected greatly by the people who hold the power. And in this situation, they are the white household. The white household has an average annual income of about 365,000 rands; whereas, the black household’s figure is just about 66,000 rand. And the pick of the white household is the white men, which is the main reason for the figure 77% we have mentioned.

The male beauty standards in South Africa are thinness and muscularity, according to a study of the journal PLOS ONE in 2014.


Men’s beauty tips for muscle


If you notice, in all the countries that we have listed, the male beauty standards include muscular. It is the symbol of the masculinity, attractiveness and sexiness. So, how to get this ideal body? Here we provide some useful men beauty tips for you.

Men’s diet


The first thing is that you need to change your diet as it is an important factor to gain muscle. Proteins must be included in every meal in order to build muscle. Besides, carbohydrates are also needed because it will bring energy to your body. Don’t think that you can build up muscle when you do not get enough carbs. This is because your body will get energy from proteins and there is nothing left to build muscle. Here are the perfect foods to build muscle: oats, nuts, milk, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, steak, rice, pasta,…

Moreover, you need to eat every 2 or 3 hours. The reason is to provide sufficient nutrients to your body all the time. Eating 3 meals a day is not enough if you want to gain muscle. You still have these 3 main meals but between them, adding a snack is necessary.


Men’s workout


Remember, just eating cannot build your muscle, you need to work out. You should concentrate on compound exercises more in order to gain muscles in all your body. So the male beauty tips are those exercises like squats, bench presses, overhead presses and deadlifts. And when training, never overtrain at the gym as it will tear your muscle.

In the article, we have listed male beauty standards around the world. Each nation has a particular culture and a particular view of men’s beauty. Following Vuhes daily for more latest news & articles about male beauty trends.

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