Magic power of Qi Gong : does it real?

June 25, 2020

Unique powerful secret qi gong is an ancient practice in China, designed to help you to preserve your Jing, strengthen and balance the Qi energy flow in your body. However, do you know the real and detailed qigong exercises benefits?


Qigong exercices routine helps to maintain your health
Qigong exercices routine  helps to maintain your health / Ph: Instagram@Debora Giovanella IMO


Qigong exercices has been used in Chinese medicine for many years to maintain health, prevent illness as well as extending our life. The reason behind is that it can maintain, restore and facilitate the harmony of or organ systems, essential substances and channels across our body. The non-medical qigong exercises benefits include fighting and pursuing enlightenment. With gentle routines, Qi energy flow is actually a system of a lifetime. There is no doubt why so many people, not only in China but also all over the world, are applying this method. Regular practice qigong exercises will bring the following benefits:


Qi gong maintains health 



One of the first benefits of qigong exercises routine we must mention is maintaining health. By creating mental and physical calmness, which shows that the Qi energy flow inside your body is balanced, healing power of qi gong helps to maintain health. Thus, your body can perform its functions more efficiently with the lowest level of stress.


Qi gong manages your illness



If applying qigong exercises routine  regularly, your body can work to prevent illness. More than that, qi gong therapy also has the power to restore the harmony of your body in case of disharmony becoming apparent.


Qi gong extends longevity



The applying qigong exercises routine aims at extending longevity has been popular in China for thousands of years. Yes, what you have seen in Chinese movies is real. Those Buddhists and Daoists engaged in more rigorous self-discipline as well as qi gong  therapy in order to make the internal Organ systems even stronger. The techniques, however, are not publicized but keeping as a secret. One of the most difficult yet well-known techniques is called Marrow Washing Qigong, which can help practitioners to extend their life span to 150 years or more.


Qi gong helps to achieve enlightenment



Buddhist monks often practice qigong exercises, focusing on the  magic power of qi gong to impact their Shen with the aim to pursue higher consciousness and enlightenment. Once mastering Marrow Washing, they are able to control the Qi energy flow inside their body, thus to direct it into their forehead and elevate consciousness.

Qi gong supernatural powers are so real that you should try it now for all the health benefits it brings.

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