Macchina Volantis - A personal aircraft for the future ?

People often see a lot of modern means of transportation for generation X in fiction movies which helps people’s life much easier. Recently, ‘serial-problem-fixer’ Stephen Fries has designed a kind of aircraft called Macchina Volantis..

..with an aim to making people’s dream come true. With this future transport, individuals do not need to worry about anything on the way to their destinations anymore.

About the Macchina Volantis

It is a part car with a space for 4 to 5 seats. Its wings are retractable and folding in order to drive you faster above all the cars, buses, motorbikes and bikes stuck in eternal gridlock. Its vertical take off and landing (VTOL) with auto-hover mode will enable you to fly to the exact places that you cannot drive to.

With Macchina Volantis, people are no longer stuck in a traffic jam/ Ph: Macchina Volantis

The aircraft has three wheels and can speed up to 60 kilometers per hour on the road. On the other hand, its max speed will be about 278kmh/ 173 mph if it is in the air.  Fries said that roads accounted for 15 percent of the land space, therefore, the most convenient way to reduce traffic jams was to put cars into the sky. By doing that, you could use all the space in the air, he added.

People will be able to prevent themselves from getting tired of the endless car lines on the roads/ Ph: Macchina Volantis

As you are at a high of 100 meters above the sky, you have all the vast space to drive. Unlike on the roads where you can see a thousands of people and transportation, you are safe in the sky because there are not many vehicles up there. However, the growing number of VTOL personal aircrafts will engender a lack of parking spots for their owners.

To sum up, the Macchina Volantis is a combination of such advanced automation and modern design. It can bring people a lot of benefits, resulting a better life for them.

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