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Luxury medical wellness retreats in Europe

October 19, 2019

There are so many ways to take care of your health and wellness. While staying in medical wellness clinics is so common, giving yourself a chance to do it on vacation in Europe maybe a new experience for you. Here is a list of the best health and wellness retreats in Europe.

1. Grandhotel Lienz, Austria

This center apply the latest developments on the market in order to bring customers the most comfortable experience. They have traditional Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, classical homeopathy and osteopathy. Once taking extraordinary medical practice here, you will increase your personal well-being into a better level.

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2. Hotel ROYAL PALACE, Slovakia

The medical wellness tourism in Slovakia is also develop. One of the most famous medical wellness retreats in this country is the Royal Palace Turčianske Teplice. This hotel offers customers a special kind of preventive health care combining the royal powers of nature and comprehensive services. 

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Their thermal mineral water is used for royal baths and drinking programmes. Thanks to it, people can improve their blood circulation and lymphatic system. 

Thanks to the thermal mineral water, people can improve their blood circulation and lymphatic system

3. Hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Your health and wellness tourism in Europe is also recommended to experience at Hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic. Here, you will have an opportunity to experience the stunning nature in peace while enjoying many pleasant things. After the wellness treatments here, you may feel like you have been born again.

4. Vilalara Longevity
Thalassa & Medical Spa, Portugal

This luxury spa has created a partnership with Blue & Green Vilalara Thalassa Resort in order to bring superb health and wellness services along with holiday retreats to customers over the globe. There are a wide range of attractive options for you to choose such as nutraceutical supplementation, anti-ageing therapies monitoring the physical condition and so on. Longevity will help you understand the cause of imbalances in yourself, then they will provide you customized strategies to improve it.

5. Savoy Westend Hotel, Czech Republic

This is one of the most preferable spa establishments in Europe. Every guest who has experienced the health and wellness services in Savoy Westend Hotel agrees that it has such state-of-art equipment along with great professionals. Thus, it can bring effective health and wellness treatments for them. 

Totally, the medical wellness trends are the talk of the town at the moment. So it is not surprising that there are so many new methods of wellness retreats nowadays. For those who want to experience a luxury medical wellness retreats outside their country, they can take some of our suggestions above. 

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