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Lotus launches its first aesthetic electric hypercar

July 28, 2019

Recently, Lotus hypercar manufacturer continues to affirm their position with the new car model Lotus Evija. This first electric hypercar is the outstanding name this time when ranking first in the category of genuine cars with strongest power in the world. In addition, Lotus Evija also impresses the fans with charming, powerful and elegant design.

Lotus Evija – first Electric Hypercar of the most popular British car brand

Lotus Evija is impressed by charming and powerful design / Ph: Facebook

Lotus Evija with futuristic design elements

Evija with aesthetic design elements can produce up to 1,973 horsepower. It owns four electric motors at four wheels, each of them can generate 493 horsepower. This power can help the car accelerate to 100km/h in just 3 seconds, 200km/h in 6 seconds and 300km/h in less than 10 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 360 km/h. Lotus provides Evija with five different driving modes including: Range, City, Tour, Sport and Track.

It is a 2,000kW battery that supplies power for electric motor. It has the ability to help the car move to more than 400 km under normal condition. The battery can be fully charged in just 9 minutes if using an 800 kW charger or charging 80% within 12 minutes when using the fast charger of 250kW.
The head is also impressed with the first pair of headlights in the world using laser technology. The rear view mirrors completely disappear. Instead, camera system helps driver observe not only the rear but also around the vehicle.

Although the electric hypercar is not ideal for the track, Evijia has been equipped with four radiators that can support to keep the battery pack at the optimum temperature. Therefore, the car can operate stably without deceleration for at least seven minutes in racing mode.

The electric hypercar is coming closer to consumers

Only 130 Lotus Evija supercars are produced worldwide. The company starts receiving deposits with an amount of about USD310,177. The first cars will be manufactured next year, the price of each car is about USD2.1 million.

Lotus Evija is really a unique car. It marks the British car brand in the heart of sports car fans and in the global car market. Moreover, Evija will help the company develop models with high quality in the near future. Keep following Vuhes daily for more updates about the world of electric cars.

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