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Innovative skincare products

February 28, 2019

The article will introduce you to some of them.

#1: SK-II GenOptics Spot Pen

This latest skincare innovation “revolutionary” is what needed for eradicating spots and pigmentation. All the beauty world immediately falls in love with this product due to its small package and attractive design. The spot pen can easily fit your handbag due to its small size.

GenOptics Spot Pen helps to solve problems with spots and pigmentation / Ph: Twitter

The combination of WH Smart Cocktail and Piteratm will solve spot and hyperpigmentation problems. Moreover, a magnetic applicator helps to absorb 3 times better than using your fingers. You simply push the nozzle to dispense this latest skincare innovation “revolutionary”, and rotate it to make the essence deep into the skin.

The latest skincare innovation “revolutionary” product was launched in the retailer The Shilla Duty Free on 15th February. You only can find this pen here until the end of the month. This is another partnership between First In The Word and SK-II to introduce an exciting innovation.

#2: Smart mask UFO

Smart mask treatment is the latest skincare innovation “revolutionary. This incredible mask combines Korea mask formulas, which have been famous in the beauty world, with the modern tech.

Ph: Foreo

With 90s free in the morning, afternoon or evening, you can transform your complexion with UFO. Its nice design with three colours: pearl pink, fuchsia and mint will attract you for the first time.

The latest skincare innovation “revolutionary” UFO uses the natural reactions to heat and cold to ensure you get the most suitable mask treatment. You can choose Thermo-Therapy or Cryo-Therapy mode for warming or cooling based on your purposes.

These are some of the latest skincare innovation “revolutionary” we want to introduce to you. If you feel attracted, you can find more information about these innovative products.

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