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March 24, 2020

The Danish hygge is the trending lifestyle that many people are following. You are interested in this kind of lifestyle but do not know how to start living so. The article will provide general information for newbies.

What is Hygge lifestyle? What is Hygge living?

You may see the word “hygge” and “hygge life” several times but do not know exactly what they are. Actually, hygge is not an English word, it is a Danish word. It does not have the exact meaning in English. People often think that it is equivalent to “cosiness”. However, cosiness is just one of its meanings as it means more than that. In the Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, the word “hygge” means the quality of being warm and comfortable that gives the feeling of happiness. So, when it comes to hygge, people often think about warmth, closeness and comfort.

Warmth and comfort are what people think when it comes to hygge

Hygge was one of the Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year in 2016. Also in this year, the concept of hygge was featured in some famous press and newspaper, including the New York Times, The Guardian and Country Living. Moreover, there are some books which discussed this hygge concept such as “The Little Book of Hygge” (Meik Wiking) and “How To Hygge” (Signe Johansen).

Not like another trend, hygge lifestyle trend does not cost you too much. In fact, you can save an amount of money when pursuing this trend. If you are wondering how hygge life can save you money, here is the reason. Hygge lifestyle focuses mainly on simple things such as candles, home-cooked meals and gatherings of family and friends. Instead of having dinner in a restaurant with your friends, you can do so at your home and cook your meals. This is much cheaper than eating in a restaurant. If you are attempting to live more healthily and more happily, hygge lifestyle can be a good way to get it.

Where is Hygge? How do I live a Hygge life?

If you want to know how to live a hygge lifestyle, the deep understanding is a must. As we have discussed before, English does not have a particular word for hygge, many people and try to define it. According to Country Living, a United Kingdom magazine, hygge is a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. Whereas, Helen Russell, a British bestselling author and speaker, when talking about hygge life, she defined it as “taking pleasure in the presence of gentle, soothing things”.

To better answer the question “How do I live a Hygge life?”, you must know the features of hygge living. Commonly, hygge life has the features below.

The central of hygge: comfort

One of the effective hygge lifestyle tips is to make things the most comfortable as possible. It means that you do not care much about something else but just focus on comfort. For instance, you can spend your Chrismas holiday in a cabin in the wood, like what Wiking did with his friends (Meik Wiking is the author of “The Little Book of Hygge”, you can read if you are about to live more hygge).

Focusing only on comfort

After hiking in the snow, instead of taking a rest in a hotel and enjoying some delicious foods, you can sit together around the fire, drink the hand-made and hot wine and roast meat.

The cosy sweaters, the hot wine, the warmth of the fire set against the cold outside. This is how you can imagine “hygge” in the simplest way.

Being together is Hygge

Many hygge lifestyle blogs all agree that companionship cannot be lacked when talking about hygge. Of course, you can sit in a comfortable couch, read a favourite book and drink a cup of tea. It is a good way to enjoy a hygge life. However, if you do it with other friends or family members, the hygge experiences will be greater.

You are suggested to gather your friends, but there is one thing you should notice. Small groups, for instance, close friends, are good. However, gathering a big group of strangers in public or on the internet is not how you can live a hygge life.

Hygge lifestyle is to make everything be as simple as possible

Most of hygge life blog emphasizes the quality of simplicity as it is an important feature of hygge life. It means that you will enjoy the simple things in your life. You can wake up early, sit by an open window and listen to the birds singing. It is a way to enjoy hygge life. Or you can cook a simple meal for your launch instead of eating fast food as usual. Having a cup of coffee in your hand while checking emails in the morning on the way to work is not how to live hygge.

Simplicity is a key part of hygge

Relaxation is hygge

You must remember relaxation is not sitting still in a place without doing anything. You can take a walk through the street on the weekend with your friends or spend some time chatting with them.

You can simply practise deep meditation about 10 minutes before going to bed. It is also a great way to get relaxed after a hard-working day.

Hygge is to get connected with nature more

Some people may like being indoors; whereas others may feel more comfortable when being outside. If you want to live a Scandinavian hygge lifestyle, it is suggested that you should spend more time in outdoor activities. You need to enjoy the lights, the sounds and the smells around you. Some people even like going in the rain. Others plant tree and flowers in front of their house to enjoy the smell and the beauty of blooming flowers. These are some suggestions for you if you want to have a hygge living space.

Hygge life features also include adding fresh and natural ingredients to meals. You can start adding muesli, roast lamb and fruit compote to your meals as what Johansen suggests in his book “How to Hygge”. Moreover, in order to get the hygge feeling, you should bring the outdoor feeling in with some fresh flower or light some candles instead of using electric lights. So, there is enough light and you can also watch the flames.

What is not hygge and how to avoid?

These are some basic things you need to remember if you are about to live a hygge life.

To continue, we will point out some things you need to avoid to be more hygge.

Let your phone start your day and dominate your day is not hygge

This is the least thing that you should not do when pursuing a hygge lifestyle. Many people often surf the web, check notifications on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or check emails when they wake up. Even if this is for working purposes, you should not do so because it is not how to live a hygge life.

Do not staring at your smartphone all day

Staring at your smartphone or laptop all day long is not how you can be more hygge. You can sit together with some close friends and watch a movie, but it should be at a particular time. You can say that togetherness is an important part of a hygge life.

However, you need to remember that being hygge means that you do the simple things that make you feel comfortable. And being hygge does not mean being lazy or sitting all day long in a couch.

Hibernating indoors is not hygge

We all know that staying inside, drink a cup of tea and read your favourite book or hygge managize is an effective way to be hygge.

However, hibernating indoors too much is not a good idea. In fact, you should go for a walk outside, even in the winter or spend your time chatting with your friends. This is because togetherness is a key to hygge lifestyle, as we have discussed before.

Following trends is not a hygge lifestyle 

If you are about to live a hygge life, finding a good hygge life magazine may help you a lot. Most of them mention several things you need to avoid and following trends is one of the most important ones. Hygge focuses on creating a comfortable atmosphere by taking advantages of simple things. It means that you see things around you and you make them in the most comfortable way.

Following trends is not hygge lifestyle

You do not need to buy expensive and luxury things which are on trend to be more hygge. Do not believe the companies which advertise products for a hygge lifestyle. These advertisements are just their tricks to sell products and services.

Of course, they set up a company, so they have to find ways to develop. This is how business works. Since you know deeply what is hygge lifestyle, you do not need to waste your money on these things.

Some ways to live a hygge life

If you are wondering where is hygge, the answer is simple. You can be hygge everywhere, including inside and outside. Do not say that hygge is just about indoors.

When you live a hygge life, make sure that you do the things that make you feel comfortable every time and everywhere. Here are some ideas to be more hygge.

Using candles

If you ask any people in Denmark, where “hygge” comes from, about the easiest way to get a hygge atmosphere, you will receive the answer “lighting more candles”. Each of the Danish people uses about 13 pounds of candle wax every year. This figure is much more than all the nations in the world because now when we have electricity so the demand for candles is declining.

Using candles more

You can find candles in retail stores near you or find them in the online market like Amazon. They are at a reasonable price, which is about $15 for a large bag of 100 tea lights. When lighting candles, you have to ensure safety.

For instance, keep them out of the reach of children or pets, not put them near anything that is easy to catch fire.

Putting on comfortable clothes

You can never feel cosy and comfortable when wearing a business suit or something that is too tight. To live a hygge life, just forget about these types of clothes, at least when you are at home. Put on clothes that make you feel most comfortable and do not care much about fashion or what others say.

When it is cold, heavy sweaters and knitted socks are a good pair which will give you the hygge feeling, for example.

Walking more

Danish people, who are the symbol of hygge lifestyle, prefer to take a walk even when it is summer, winter, fall or spring. In order to make your walking more hygge, you should have a group of close friends to do it with you. You will have a chance to talk about each other’s family, works and life.

You do not have to pay anything for a walk with your friends, besides the fact that it is good for your health. Or if you have a dog, take it with you. Walking is an effective way to get closer to nature and create a hygge mood.

Drinking something hot

In Denmark, people often drink glogg. It is spiced mulled wine which can help to boost hygge mood. If you do not have this kind of drink, coffee, tea and hot chocolate are worth trying to get hygge feeling. In a rainy day, there is nothing more hygge than drinking a cup of hot chocolate and reading your favourite book.

A cup of hot chocolate is great for a rainy day

Home cooking with your family or friends

Home cooking is a great way to create a hygge atmosphere. It is more hyggelig than having meals in a restaurant which is not comfortable and expensive. And it is suggested that you should share the meal with your friends and focus on the food that everyone likes instead of haute cuisine.

Also, complicated presentation is not necessary. You just need to do something simple and most comfortable. Danish people often have pancakes, rice cakes or meatballs when gathering together. You can try these foods or whatever food you like.

You have informed about what is hygge living. Hygge lifestyle focuses on simple things that give you comfortable and cosy feelings. Slowing down and relaxing will make you best enjoy your life. And reading Vuhes Magazine daily is your new hygge?

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