List of the worlds best cruise ships in 2019

March 25, 2019

It is true to say that travel on luxury ships is an interesting experience, especially for the rich. The following article will give you information about the top 7 most luxurious cruise ships in the world today.

List of the worlds best cruise ships in 2019
Wind Surf was later acquired by Wind Star Cruises in 1998 / Ph: Pexels

#1: Silver Cloud


As the first ship of Silversea, Silver Cloud was launched in 1994. In fact, this 16,800-ton ship named Silver Cloud has been converted into an explorer ship with  an ice-strengthened hull in Malta between August and October 2017. about 40 million dollars is the total cost to turn it into a top explorer ship.

The original Silver Cloud design allows it to carry 296 passengers. However, after the overhaul at the end of 2017, it only carried 254 passengers and when operating in the Polar regions of the world, the number dropped to 200.

#2: Wind Surf

It is true to say that Windstar owns a fleet of luxury cruise ships, of which the largest member is Wind Surf, which is also the largest sailing ship in the world.

Built-in 1990 as Club Med I, Wind Surf was later acquired by Wind Star Cruises in 1998, after which it was renovated and renamed. At 188 meters in length, the Wind Surf is the largest sailing boat currently in use. This ship has a sophisticated computer system that adjusts the positions of 5 masts, seven decks providing luxurious accommodation for up to 312 guests and 191 crew members.

Wind Surf is fully equipped with specific rooms such as gym, casino, library, computer center with internet connection for guests; The two luxury suites of the ship have a separate living room and private spa. Guests can choose from Mediterranean and international dishes or snack on the deck.

#3: Crystal Esprit

In fact, Crystal Esprit is a cruise ship of the Crystal Cruise. It was made by Flender Werft in Lzigeck since 1988 and was completed in December 1991 under the name Aurora I. In July 2015, this ship was allowed to join the fleet of Crystal Cruises as Crystal Esprit (according to a notice from Crystal Cruises).

#4: Seven Seas Explorer

This ship is a cruise ship built by Fincantieri. The Seven Seas Explorer weighs 51,000 tons and carries 750 guests, dubbed the world’s most luxurious cruise ship, with an estimated construction cost of $450 million (about 9.6 trillion). This ship is 732 ft long and it only carries 750 guests.

The ship is luxuriously designed with marble floors, crystal lamps and expensive furniture. A living room of this ship is 4 times larger than a normal house in England.

#5: Viking Orion

The fact of the matter is that Viking Orion was first launched in 2018. This luxury ship became the fifth ship in Viking Ocean Cruises fast-growing fleet. it is a small ship with facilities designed to suit travelers seeking relaxation beside their journey of discovery. Viking Ocean can accommodate 930 passengers.

#6: Seabourn Encore

Seabourn Encore is a luxury cruise ship by Seabourn Cruise Line created by Fincantieri. It was completed and handed over on November 30, 2016. In fact, this luxury ship can accommodate 600 passengers.

#7: Insignia

Insignia can accommodate up to 684 passengers with spacious rooms and modern equipment. In order to meet the maximum needs of leisure and relaxation of tourists, inside the area also designed functional areas such as shops, casinos, clubs, fitness centers, spas, and large swimming pools. Not only that, but visitors also enjoy the special dishes prepared by the famous chef Jacques Pépin.

Above is the top 7 most modern cruise ship in the world currently available. Are you ready to experience?

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