Lip flip - A new effective beauty treatment solution for lips

Not only Lip filler, Lip flip is also an effective beauty treatment for lips. In fact, this is becoming a new beauty trend now.

It is possible to say that the flip-lip is a latest beauty treatment that people especially women are looking for. Thanks to this beauty treatment, your lips will curl up a little more to enhance the appearance of the cupid's bow and create a beautiful little pore. It is said that  people are Choosing It Over Lip Filler. So continue reading to find out the reason.

What is lip flip?

Mr. Georgie Mills, The Anti Wrinkle Clinic by Christopher Hanna‘s Head Cosmetic Nurse, said that when they’re talking about lip flips, they were referring to Botox/Dysport injections – not to be confused with dermal filler in the lips. It was a totally different procedure and provided a different result for clients.

Lip flip is becoming a beauty trend / Ph: pinterest

He insisted that it basically involves a few small injections of toxin into the muscle, just above the lip border. What happens is, the toxin relaxes the muscle around the mouth (the obicularis oris muscle, to be specific). This action allows the top lip to be gently rolled out, creating a subtle, sexy pout and the illusion of added volume.

This beauty treatment costs about $28 for 4 injections. However, the cost may vary from case to case. The downside of this beauty treatment is that the effect does not last long. Mr. Georgie said that most people required repeat treatments every 2-4 months.

Lip flip botox / Ph: About Face Skin Care

The advantage of this beauty treatment is that there are almost no side effects or bad reactions because Botox / Dysport is used in very small quantities compared to other cosmetic procedures. Besides, this process is also done by experienced doctors.

In fact, Many people choose lip flip as an alternative to lip fillers because it has no side effects. However, its efficiency is not as long as lip filler. The effectiveness of using lips filler usually lasts 6 to 12 months after treatment.

Overall, this new beauty treatment method is worth a try but always be careful when choosing where to do it.

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