Lesedi La Rona - The World’s Largest Emerald Cut Diamond

Lesedi La Rona- the name of the world’s largest emerald cut diamond means “Our light” in Tswana.

Lesedi La Rona – The world’s largest emerald cut diamond

Lesedi La Rona was discovered in 2015 in Botswana. It had just been a rough stone until they checked carefully. Everyone was shocked because they realized that they found a huge treasure. Yes, it is actually unique treasure. That rough stone is a big diamond. The stone’s weight is 302.37 carat which breaks every record. After hundreds of year, such a diamond is discovered. Then it was sold in price of $53 million. What do you think about this price? Yes, over $50 million for a diamond.

Lesedi La Rona – the largest diamond in the world

Laurence Graff who bought this stone is known as the most reputed diamond dealer in the world. He also cut and polished several the most famous largest diamonds. But the beauty and worth of Lesedi La Rona absolutely made Graff surprised and felt so happy and proud of crafting this miracle and owning it.

As stated by Graff, Lesedi La Rona is extraordinary in every way. It is not only the largest but also the finest diamond with high-clarity and high color (D- color grade or colorless and this is the highest grade in Gemological Institute of America color scale). He felt it is so hard to describe the incredible beauty of this diamond by words. By all skill, accomplishment as well as expertise, he cut and crafted and made Lesedi La Rona an exceptional diamond. It is extremely rare to find such diamonds.


And you? What do you think about this diamond? Would you like to own a big diamond? Of course, anyone want a diamond like that. But with this such diamond, we are all able to admire it only.


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