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Latest news on marketing strategies of fashion giants

September 05, 2019

The two fashion giants Hermès and Burberry have just launched their latest marketing strategies. Let’s see how creative they are!

An effective marketing strategy is the key to grow a successful business. Fashion giants always have to make creative strategies in order to give best services and experiences to their customers. In this article, we will take a look at the latest marketing strategies of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world.

#1. Hermès launches their pop-up radio station in Tokyo

Hermès has launched their first radio station in Japan/ Ph: MAISON DU LUXE

Japanese market is specially sensible when it comes to luxury brands. That’s one of the reasons why Hermès decides to approach this potential market by embedding in local culture. Not only does it show appreciation to the culture, but also the ambition of the luxury fashion giant. Also, it is obvious that the younger generation is the main target as they are more aware of luxury fashion. 

With Radio Hermès, a pop-up radio station in Tokyo, you can reach them easier. This station is located at the Case W complex in downtown of Harajuku with its special interior designed by cult graphic artist and creative director whose name is Yoshirotten. The first broadcast programme was started on September 1st. It will continue on weekdays from 7pm to 8pm and from 2pm to 4pm on weekends until the end of the month. Each broadcast introduces its focus on various themes such as fashion, food, travel, music, culture, and special live gigs across Japan.

#2. Burberry launches R Message app for best clients

Burberry has launched chat service to its best customers

Burberry has partnered with Apple Pay to introduce R Message-a messaging service which helps strengthen relationships between this fashion brand and its best customers. Not only does this service allow high-spending clients to shop online with a flawless payment system, but also they can communicate with Burberry employees for products enquiry or book private appointments in-store. This app has all basic functions of WhatsApp, offering a luxury experience for their customers with a secure chat platform. The fashion brand will first start R Message at its Manchester flagship store, then extend to other 431 locations around the world.

The latest marketing strategies of these two fashion giants are unique moves in the fashion industry. They also help them approach their customers better.

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