La Voiture Noire – a sculptural beauty with unique technology of Bugatti

Bugatti - a car manufacturer known for its tradition of producing powerful and super sports cars. Always in the leading position for a long time in the car world, Bugatti's cars always adhere to the tradition of over 110 years of their development.

And at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, they have produced a different supercar model, an unique model, and a milestone marking the event of more than 110 years of development of this automaker.

La Voiture Noire - one of the most powerful, luxury car of the world / Ph: Bugatti

Amazing beauty combined with the superb technology of Bugatti La Voiture Noire

As an incomparable car, Bugatti clearly poured all its essence and identity into an exclusive vehicle named LA VOITURE NOIRE, and for that reason, the car was judged to be one of the most powerful, most luxurious and coolest cars to date.

Ph: Bugatti

With a sleek exterior, Bugatti still keeps the car design features that make up their names. The tail section extends with the LED system running in a seamless line. The rear of the car has almost no loss of sharp design, instead a soft transposition, gently onto the C-line at the window of the car. The body is also a soft move like that, not cranky, calm and plump are original designs on a Bugatti that we often meet. The capo cover is designed with extremely sharp batwing lines, combined with a hand-made carbon material that glides under a glossy paint. The headlight cluster is a combination of many led lights that are regularly arranged to bring a surprisingly luxurious feel.

Ph: Bugatti

Under the subtle but pitiful exterior, the heart of La Voiture Noire is beyond imagination when there are 16 cylinders, giving the power up to 1500 horsepower and the maximum torque is 1600 Nm. The car is a true monster under a subtle and classic look.

After 110 years of building and developing, La Voiture Noire once again helped Bugatti claim its name on the pinnacle of super cars. Immediately after being shipped, the La Voiture Noire has an owner with a price up to 11 million Euro.

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