La Roche-Posay launches AI-powered acne analysis tool

Now customers can experience smart skin care technology thanks to the new AI-powered acne analysis tool by La Roche-Posay that uses extensive scientific data to make personalized acne analyses.

An AI tool that can analyze acne by using the user's extensive scientific data that has just been released by La Roche-Posay. This application is named Eff Efflarlar Spotscan Eff, that allows users to track the progress of their skin through the skin diary.

AI-based skin care technology

La Roche-Posay offers acne analyses via AI / Ph: L'Oréal Singapore

There is no denying that acne is still a skin-aging sign there are many people worry about it because it seriously affects aesthetics, especially with women.

Dermatologists analyze over 6,000 images of both men and women representing ethnicity, skin types and different severity of acne. Thereby they build an AI algorithm. Thanks to this application, users can understand their skin condition and they can find useful advice.

Ph: La Roche-Posay 

With a 0 to 4+ acne score, users will know their acne status and they will find solutions to improve the condition of the skin.

General manager of La Roche-Posay Canada in the release, Mr. Emma Kindler, said that that "Today consumers want more than just great skincare from a brand, they want an experience. Service has become the new-age product." "We know that information is power when it comes to skin health and to improve their skin, consumers need to understand it. For acne sufferers, this means learning how to manage their acne, and it all starts with an accurate analysis. With EFFACLAR SPOTSCAN we pursue our brand mission even further to create a better life for sensitive skin"

This app brings a lot of benefits for people who worries about acne.

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