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Klinik Hirslanden- one of Top 10 most prestigious medical centers in the world

September 02, 2016

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group operates 16 hospitals, many of which have an integrated outpatient centre and emergency department, as well as 4 outpatient clinics, 14 radiology institutes and 4 radiotherapy institutes. It is the largest medical network in Switzerland. Their hospitals, centers and specialized departments that are fully equipped to treat a range of medical conditions. Klinik Hirslanden’s state-of-the-art facilities and modern architecture truly embody the prestige of this excellent medical center.


The Hirslanden hospitals with qualifications as following:
1. System providers 
2. First-class medical quality 
3. Interlinked specialised institutes and centres of expertise
4. Leader in the field of technology
5. Competent nursing in pleasant surroundings
6. Each hospital with its own character
8. Highly qualified medical specialists with many years experience

1. Patient Rooms

The Klinik Hirslanden has 259 modern single and double rooms. Great attention has been given to create a pleasant atmosphere.

The patients rooms are furnished as follows

Electrically adjustable beds, which can be lengthened if required. 
Toilet and shower. Towels, soap and shower gel are provided. A hairdryer, a shower cap and a dressing gown can be provided upon request. 

Wardrobe with a locker for your personal belongings and small amounts of cash. Please leave any valuables (jewellery etc.) at home.

A telephone with direct dialling and a telephone card. For security reasons mobile telephones are not allowed in the clinic. 

A radio and TV system with a wide choice of national and international programmes. Should you wish to have one, a video can be installed, although the clinic does not supply video films. 

Internet and e-mail. All analogue telephone points can be used for your laptop. Please check whether your computer has an analogue modem. 

Fax machines can be rented. Fax messages can also be sent and received through the reception. 

We offer a variety of newspapers every morning (Herald Tribune, NZZ, Tages-Anzeiger, Le Temps, Corriere del Ticino). Foreign language periodicals will arrive shortly before lunch time. 

The housekeepers will take care of your flowers two to three times a week.
2. Catering



For the main meals we serve a choice of menus and meals a la carte which are prepared with consideration for a healthy balanced diet. Should you wish, or should your doctor advise, we will prepare vegetarian meals, diet meals or kosher meals. Our dietician is available to discuss your diet with you. 


Our restaurant will be happy to welcome you and your visitors from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 21.00 and at the weekend from 11.00 to 20.00. At lunchtime and in the evenings we serve our daily menu or chosen meals a la carte.


The café-bar is open from Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 21.30 and at the weekend from 8.00 until 21.00. Snacks and drinks are served throughout that time. 
Between the 11.00 and 20.00 our room service will be pleased to bring your choice of food and drink to your room.

3. Services


Kiosk offers a wide selection of newspapers, magazines, books, small presents and toilet articles. 
A variety of newspapers are offered every morning. Foreign language newspapers will be delivered later in the morning


The housekeeper will take care of your flowers two to three times a week. 


There is a hairdresser in the Klinik Hirslanden. For those unable to get to the hairdresser, this service can be offered in your room. 

Washing services

Washing or dry-cleaning of items can be requested at normal cost. 

Pastoral care

Regular pastoral care is offered at your request. On religious holidays ecumenical services are normally held in the clinic.


You can use wonderful garden for walking or sunbathing. The gardens are open to all patients and their visitors, and offer many pleasant seats for your enjoyment. 


To ensure your safety the clinic is equipped with an automatic fire safety system and clearly marked emergency exits. 


Smoking is not allowed to protect patientss health.

Beside the above services and other standard as the very best in medicine and technology, competent and understanding care, nutritious and varied cuisine. Their clinics also offer Hirslanden Privé. For instance, besides the qualified nursing staff, a Guest-Relations attendant is also at your disposal. He or she will visit you during your stay at the clinic and take care of your personal concerns.

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