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Kering unveiled a new digital strategy

December 03, 2018


In modern life, customers require to be connected with luxury labels through digital applications on their smartphone. Therefore, the success of luxury houses lies on their ability to bring innovation suggestions as well as interesting customer experience across all distribution channels and tools. That is also the reason why Kering, a global Luxury group announced Gregory Boutte as Chief Client and Digital Officer in December 2017.

Kering’s objectives

There are many ambitions leading to Kering’s digital approach. First, it offers a real- time 360- degree view of customers for the Group and its Houses while delivering personalized experiences. Second, Kering wants to create close relationships with customers so as to meet their specific demands. Finally, the strategy may provide clients with high quality services, from initial transaction to after- sales.

Description: Kết quả hình ảnh cho kering

Kering’s digital journey is expected to be a milestone in its history/ Ph:

Digital capabilities

Kering has created a data science team to make the best use of available data with an aim to improve the service given to its clients. For example, China- based Client & Digital team will have the responsibility to adapt Chinese digital practices along with finding and enhancing innovations from China to other markets in the world.

E- commerce

In order to fully absorb the Internet terminology in partnership with YNAP, Kering will leverage its in- house technology & operations team. This will promote the level of Kering Houses’ service of their e- commerce websites. Thus, the group can meet the demands of checking availability, buying online in store and making store appointment.

Client service

Kering corporated with centralized team in Europe and the US which concentrated on dealing with customers’ requests. As a result, the group can provide its customers with comfortable service. Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Saint Laurent have dedicated teams. However, some luxury brands need the representative from Kering as a single customer service unit.

In brief, in a fast- changing environment, any brands especially luxury ones should take digital technology into consideration. By doing this, they can serve their customers better and keep their reputation for a long time.

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