It's time to take action for fighting against climate change

Climate change experts said that we have only 10 years to save the Earth, the next decade is the decisive moment of our destiny.

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It is up to us to recognize the effects of climate change and to act for the future of mankind's life.

The next decade is rated as being extremely important in human history. There are two possible scenarios that will occur and depend on our actions.

The first scenario is a prospect of a climate crisis with suffocation contamination, fires, uncontrollable floods. A dark world in which people suffer all the consequences and can not do anything.

The second scenario is that we act toward a happier and healthier world. From individuals, companies, cities, to countries, they strive to cut emissions by half in 2030, helping us get rid of the climate crisis catastrophic.

What is threatened?

The climate crisis is threatening the future of earth and humanity. The prospect is not exaggeration, but actually based on the science and warning signs that we are seeing.

A frightening prospect where water and air suffer from severe pollution, the earth heats up, melting ice and rising sea water. The natural environment, the infrastructure is devastated, not only biodiversity but also human abilities to live on the planet are also threatened. And human beings before that happenings are frightened, distressed, and powerless and desperate.

It's time we need to take action

Ph: Pexels@Markus Spiske

We are standing before the most important moment, not only in the process of evolution of the planet, but the human future. It is like we stand before two turns and each choice will lead to a different path. It's time we need to make conscious alert choices.

Or not to do anything to be unmotivated and desperate or to promote the action towards the better future.

Certainly, many benefits will have to be removed in exchange for the environment, but do not look at the economic problems at present. We need a sustainable living environment and more sustainable development than exchange the environment to get hot growth. The next ten years is the future decisive moment of the whole planet. If we make the decision now, we can do it.

Every one of us can protect our habitat with positive changes in everyday life.

Can you count how many plastic bags you brought home after every shopping time ? How many plastic cups did you waste after drinking milk tea or coffee? And how many plastic bottles, plastic suction or disposable objects are discharged into the environment every day? Calculate how much carbon gas in products that you are consuming everyday to give hazardously to the environment.

Instead of applying a nylon bag, let's use a environment friendly paper bag when you go shopping. Every time you drink coffee, or milk tea, let take along your cup. By limiting the use of plastic bags and disposable one-time plastic products, you are contributing to the preservation of your own living space.

Besides, you may not believe that the food you eat every day is also the agent of increasing greenhouse gases. In it, the super processed food, the out of season fruit tends to exhaust the carbon footprint larger than the seasonal fresh food due to the food processing. In addition, we should also be more aware of the energy consumption. Let's use saver power. Turn off all light bulbs and power consumption devices when not in use.

The prospect of a world of pollution and the habitat of mankind being ruined is real. However, do not wait until the human being feel unmotivated and regretted for doing nothing. The next decade is an important time, every individual should contribute to the fight against climate change and let's take action for our future and later generations.

It's time to take action for fighting against climate change

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