Is an advertisement of aesthetic treatment trust-worthy?

Nowadays, we are seeing more and more advertising of aesthetic treatments on the internet, magazines, TV,…This is what all aesthetic businesses have to do for aiming at attracting customers..

However, are advertisements all true? The article will provide you with deeper information.

# Aesthetic treatments are everywhere

You want to get some filler so that your lip will be sexier. It is ok. However, what if your children insist on doing a filler on their lips? There is no time that advertising of aesthetic treatments can be easily seen everywhere like what we experience today. Fillers are just common like getting your hair done.

# Are all advertisements of aesthetic treatments trust-worthy?

There is a British skin clinic that encouraged mothers to bring their children to see their dermal fillers- a non-surgical injection that leads to fuller lips. After that, the ad became popular for women, especially young girls. This resulted in the customers’ complaint about the irresponsibility of the aesthetic treatments' advertising.

Customers believe that the advertising of aesthetic treatments would encourage more children to take aesthetic treatments. In response to customers’ complaint, the British ASA forced this British skin clinic to cease all their publication of the ad and that they will not release any kinds of this advertisement in the future.

Aesthetic Treatment Ad Banned By ASA For Targeting Young Girls (PHOTOS, POLL) / Ph: Pinterest

Whereas in America, the American Medical Association has taken measures to make sure that advertising of aesthetic treatments to be practical and ethical. The reason is that there are 70% of patients believing advertising information on the internet and leading to their decisions to undertake plastic surgeon.

Some clinics use famous celebrities for their advertising of aesthetic treatments. This persuades patients to get their treatments. Customers tend to believe the famous ones and receive poor treatments. Social media obviously has a huge impact on customers' decisions.

Physicians and plastic surgeons really should use social media to protect the science of plastic surgery. Therefore, patients will have a full knowledge about advertising of aesthetic treatments to choose the good one for them.

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