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Invest in life capitals is that make the most profits

April 29, 2020

Capital is the foundation for a person to be able to start a life and success. 9 Types of life’s capital, how much do you have?

Having the life’s capital is having a large stage to show yourself. Become a holder in the hands of happiness in both life and career. A person wants to succeed, let’s equip for yourself enough nine of these capital.

Human life needs capital, which is the foundation for a person to be able to make a life and obtain to success. Without the life capital, it is difficult to survive and successful.

Having the life capital is having a large stage to show yourself, become a holder in the hands of happiness in both life and career.

There is a famous saying: “Every person’s life have a potential tremendous opportunity, each of us should explore ourselves and take advantage of this opportunity, this is a lesson that each of us needs to learn in life. “

If you are a person who wishes to succeed, you should prepare yourself with the following types of capital.


Master the art of communication and the world is your oyster / ph: Pexels@fauxels


1. Psychophysical Capital


The mind decides to all, to face with the sophisticated and complicated world, with unpredictable change of people, you must first have a proper mind, a strong psychology, to remove all negative thoughts in your heart.

The right attitude, the natural world will be beautiful, the bigger the mind be –  the bigger the life stage becomes, every day to see the world with a mood filled with dazzling sunshine, the life will become brilliant naturally.


2. EQ Capital


EQ determines destiny, the path of life can not always be flat, but will be full of spikes, are tortuous paths with full of slopes, difficulties and failures will appear, want to win all, you have to own yourself a high EQ, climb to the top of Mountain and reaching out strong, not to arch the waist and to gasp for breath. Eliminating negative emotions, the more difficult, the more brave, the more resilient the fighting spirit is.


3. The iconic capital


This is a world that decides destiny in just 2 minutes, the iconic likes the shop’s sign, the appearance likes a business card and a social pass.

A beautiful image reflects inner qualities, knowledge, and personality which help to gain sympathy, respect and trust from others at first glance, giving more opportunities for development.

The older says “Goodness is better than beauty” or “Beauty is only skin deep”, but in modern society, if your paint is not beautiful, then there are not many who are willing to  look at the inner wooden layer, so take care of  your appearance, take into account your image  a little, this world has no ugly people, only the lazy people do not know how to make themselves more beautiful.


4. Speaking capital


“Master the art of communication and the world is your oyster”

Good speaking is one of the most powerful weapons to help you reach success faster. The two person have equal about level of knowledge and understanding, have same capacity, if a person talks as cold stream flowing next to the ear, good speaking, and other person is quiet, non-talkative, not good at expressing themselves, then of course there is no doubt that the first person will be more easily successful.

A person even though have high level of capability and knowledge but without good speaking is a lack of capacity to promote themselves, not to win the recognition of society and others, their talent will be buried. The good speaking can help the career path going well and opening up the career path more extensive.


5. Behavioral Capital 


The world is colourful with the diversity of people, everyone has their own ideals and demand to pursue differently.

The career path is full with the pitfalls and reefs, in human behaviour if not knowing when to up and when to down, will meet risks. Don’t ever despise others otherwise you will become a target of the mass, become a loser, but without knowing why.

The clever person is the one who knows secrets about how to treat other people, knows when to move back and forth.


6. Communication capital


Why there are people who are beloved at any where they come, they have many friends and there are people who are not like that, not getting supports from others.

The cause is that there are people who have given themselves the amount of good social communication capital, they know how to “socialize” themselves, while some people lack this kind of skill, do not know how to respond and solve problems and conflicts in communication between individuals. Communication skill is one of the most important skills for modern successful entrepreneurs.


7. Relational Capital


A person who is successful or not, does not lie in who they know, but is in whom they are acquainted with. A person’s success, only 15% comes from knowledge and professional skills, the remaining 85% comes from their diplomatic capacity and social relations.

Modern society is highly appreciated for the collective spirit, is the age of cooperation and share benefits, relying solely on you alone will be hardly to be successful. To have success, you must know how to borrow force, know how to have social relations to serve you. Social relations are one of the crucial factors that determine the success or failure of a person.


Communication skill is one of the most important skills for modern successful entrepreneurs / ph: Pexels@Andrea Piacquadio


8. Intellectual capital


A person, if only having the excellent appearance, good speaking, good appearance are not enough which only give others feeling of non-realistic.

A truly talented person who is always constantly learning, elevates himself, reviews himself, creates new values, improves himself every day. A person with inside and outside are all beautiful, sharp thoughts can be companion, even a pioneer in the flow of the times.


9. Career Capital


The career is the second life of each person, who has the career is most attractive person. Just when having career we can stand stable in society, can shelter the family from the rain and block the wind from the family.

Build your career capital, build a career kingdom of your own, show your values and role in work, from there thereby striving for your position in your family and society.

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