Intelligent toothbrushes for modern life

AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, is becoming more and more powerful in the life of modern citizens. There are so many things integrated with high technology that can make people’s life easier.

Two of them are the Oral-B Genius X and Y-Brush, kinds of smart toothbrushes that are able to guide you how to brush your teeth better.

#1: Oral-B Genius X

It was introduced this week at Barcelona’ s Mobile World Congress. The toothbrush is not the first one using technology but it is said to be the most intelligent one. Along with brushing, the Oral-B provides a vision of the future healthcare for people. Therefore, people can know their condition clearly in order to avoid illness.

Oral-B’s aim is to help people have a good brushing habit/ Ph: Ph: Oral-B

Thanks to the great built-in sensors, Oral-B can easily understand how people brush their teeth. Along with algorithm, the smart device can make sure your mouth is fully brushed. After brushing, you can give it a score to know which is the appropriate level for you.

The OralB Genius X with Artificial Intelligence instantly recognizes your unique brushing style and provides personalized feedback / Ph: Oral-B

#2: Y-Brush

Created by a French company named Fasteeth, Y-Brush is basically all bristles, which are highly recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) to use to erase gums. It has separate sizes for different ranges of people. When it’s time to brush your teeth, you just need to open your mouth, press the power button and feel the vibration of the Y-Brush. Don’t forget to make a chewing motion to ensure your teeth are fully cleaned.

Y-Brush is said to be sold at the price $125/ Ph: Y-Brush

In short, as life is becoming busier and busier, it’s very necessary to have some smart devices along with you. And these smart toothbrushes mentioned before deserve to be one of the must-have things for people. Thanks to them, brushing your teeth is no longer a difficult task, you will enjoy your daily habits comfortably.

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