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Inside out beauty trend for men

June 24, 2020

In the 90s, men’s products were limited to just a few essential items such as shaving cream, shaving razor, perfume or deodorant roller. Many people still think that cosmetics and beauty supplements are products just for women. But now, they need more to have the perfect man appearance.


Inside out beauty trend for men

The inside out beauty trend helps build a perfect man appearance / Ph: Pexels@ivandrei-pretorius


Inside out beauty trend for men


Market research organization Euromonitor International reports that Korean skincare products for men account for 21% of global sales. Many people will be surprised that men’s skincare in Korea includes not only basic steps but also products for skin lightening, aging, and makeup.

According to a Mintel study in the US, about 58% of men aged 18-24 and 63% of men aged 25-34 said they were using moisturizing products for facial skin. Not only that, 32% of men aged 55-64 and 29% over 65 also admit to using similar cosmetics. Moreover, men are searching for supplements for men health and beauty as best supplements for men’s hair lossbest supplements for men’s weight loss or best supplements for male weight loss and muscle gainbest supplements for men’s physique are PHRASES that men are now searching on Google. So it is true to say that inside out beauty trend is more and more popular among modern men.

Mintel also statistics that it is estimated that the cosmetic market for men in the US and some countries in the world is held by the two giants Unilever and P&G with the largest market share of up to 60%. Moreover, the Nielsen report shows that the growth of this market has no signs of declining in the coming years.

Kathy O’Brien, vice president of skincare products marketing for Unilever East America, was one of the first to admit that today’s men’s lifestyles have changed a lot compared to just a few years ago. While the market for women’s cosmetics and skincare products is saturated and so competitive in the world, this market for men is a great opportunity.

The beauty inside out is now on ideal man checklist. The inside out beauty trend is helping to build a more perfect man appearance.

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