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Innisfree And Tmall Prepare for New Beauty Purchasing Experience

July 25, 2018

The Korea’s natural cosmetics brand Innisfree combined with the Tmall New Retail Store to give customers new beauty shopping experiences, including capturing, trying, testing, purchasing and playing in retail stores. And this cosmetics brand is preparing this plan for its entire retail stores in China.

Both the center and front at “Innisfree X Tmall New Retail Store” are innovative and they have some main features, including:
·         Smart skin analyzer: It analyzes the customer’s facial skin condition and then make some recommendations about suitable innisfree cosmetics products.
·         Magic mirror: Customers can try applying virtual makeup to experiment many different looks. Then, they can buy their suitable products or scan a QR code before ordering from the Tmall stores.
·         Claw Crane: After scanning the QR code, consumers can take part in membership program of the brand and get 3 chances to get a free sample.
·         Cosmetics sample vending machine: Customers can scan a QR code and receive mask samples at lower price from a vending machine.
·         Cloud shelf and smart shelf: When a customer holds an innisfree product, its details will appear on a touchscreen by the shelf. And customers can also learn more about products through a cloud shelf.
·         AR interactive photo book: The members of the brand can take selfies via the AR interactive screen.
The sale growth of Korean cosmetics on Tmall stores is increasing. This brand’s performance has been impressive when it was the only brand in Korea that achieved over EMB1 billion in the total revenue last year. Innisfree has connected all of its stores in Hangzhou and Shanghai with Tmall flagship store. And these changes will offer the brand’s customers a better online and offline experience.
In future, this brand will continue to collaborate with Tmall on many New Retail-related initiatives, including better services for shopping offline, flexible online order options and online reservations. 
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