De Beers Diamond Jewellers opens new store in New York

De Beers Diamond Jewellers has unveiled a new store on Madison Avenue in New York City.

The De Beers Diamond Jewellers's new store which is spread over two floors, covers 2,153sq.ft (200sq.m.) and is located in a town house in one of the most desirable locations in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is at 716 Madison Avenue between 63rd and 64th streets.

The store does feature, for the first time in the American market, a new and inspiring store concept, featuring a warm and elegant yet luminous and singular atmosphere with the entrance to the store features a unique natural rock crystal chandelier emitting a warm light which combines beautifully with the untreated oak of the elegant furniture and the rich textures of the fabrics. De Beers have partnered with the finest artisans to create this unique space – from the beautifully crafted curved wall around the stairs to the way the fabrics have been carefully set in place. The ground floor will present the High Jewellery solitaires and creations, as well as the Collections whilst the first floor is dedicated to bridal in the form of a cosy and welcoming salon. Private client rooms have been created to ensure a highly personalized shopping experience in a luxurious, intimate space. 

The full range of De Beers jewellery is represented inside the store including stunning solitaires and wedding creations, iconic collections such as Talisman and Enchanted Lotus and unique High Jewellery collections. Bridal and wedding designs are presented dynamically in a round discovery counter, which invites clients to explore and be inspired.

Discover in the store a selection of High Jewelry pieces includes designs from the latest London by De Beers High Jewelry collection, launched this summer during Couture Week in Paris, alongside exceptional solitaires in the 1888 Master Diamond Collection or create your own solitaire ring via our bespoke “For you, Forever” service.

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