Lancôme launches new mobile website

Lancôme has updates its website to offer an app-like experience when accessing it via a smartphone.

With this new exceptionally fast web that would offer personal communications, individualised shopping experiences and tailored, contextual services based on customer journeys from discovery to checkout, the brand aims to offer consumers real-time web push notifications and payment via Apple Pay. 

The Lancôme's new site will offer tailored content based on the consumer’s location and will be one of the first retailers to accept the new mobile web payments from Apple Pay.

The new progressive mobile website that reduces page loads with a fast speed that's ready to deliver all the latest mobile customer engagement features to meet the needs of shoppers in the moment.

Mobify is a mobile shopping platform that works with online retailers to create responsive e-commerce sites adapting to consumers's expectation of websites that have similar quality and responsiveness as apps such as Facebook or Snapchat.

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