Some food trends that you should know

A lot of plant foods are good for your health, do you know them? The following article will give you information of some food trends.

Recently, RightRice® introduced the improved rice based on vegetable. Besides, Calbee North America launched the Popper Duos product. Another, vegan brand Tofurky introduced a line of vegan cheesecake.

#1: RightRice

In fact, RightRice-based cereal brand has secured an investment of about $5.5 million with the guidance of Strand Equity through Amazon. The latest investment of Strand Equity is used for $ 3 billion worth of rice; but it has not been renewed in the past years.

RightRice cooks like regular rice. But faster / Ph: RightRice

It is true to say that the creation of RightRice stems from Belling's passion for rice. He said that one of the reasons why rice was so popular across cultures and demographics was its ability to soak up flavors and sauces. And capturing that was one of the most important milestones when thay developed the product.

Ph: RightRice

RightRice is available with an original version and three marinated versions including - lemon pepper, Spanish and garlic herb.

#2: Popper Duos

Popper Dous is a new snack brand from Calbee North America. There is no denying that It is a healthy food. One good example for this is that it does not use artificial flavors or artificial colors. Thus, it ensures that consumers have a healthy experience with the explosion of natural flavors.

Popper Dous is a new snack brand from Calbee North America / Ph: Popper Duos

Especially, Popper Duos has 3 versions including BBQ&Ranch, Zesty Queso and Mac & Cheese. Each version has its own advantages.

#3: Cheesecake vegan line of Tofurky

The legendary vegetarian brand Turkey has launched its dessert with three cheesecake flavors under the new Moocho brand. These new desserts have three flavors including Triple Berry Swirl, New York Style Vanilla and Chocolate. Tofurky CEO Jaime Athos said that after including a plant-based espresso cheesecake in our limited-edition holiday feast kits this past year, they received overwhelming feedback from consumers and retailers asking to include the product in chilled bakery and frozen dessert cases year-round.

Ph: Tofurky

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