Fashion industry insights – An overview of career chance

Here’re basic and deep fashion industry insights you may want to know if you are looking for a job in this industry
It is no surprise that the fashion industry is among the most dynamics, competitive and also formidable industries recent days. The fashion and design industry covers everything from the raw material supply to the finished end products and consists of designing, selling, trading, and wholesaling. Chances at management level for those who want to work in fashion industry now are growing whilst a lot of manufacturing roles currently move overseas.
It is said that the fashion industry is built up of well-established enterprises and companies, and self-employment at high levels. The competition in fashion industry is increasing, with a rise in the speed and important of design, professional marketing and distribution. 

Fashion Industry Insights - What Kind Of Work Could You Do In Fashion Industry?

The fashion business, in general, and fashion brands, in particularly have always recruited people for designer as well as production manager, yet now the recruitment is increasing and broadening. Technical and business skills along with experience in international fashion business are more and more important. There are a few common types of careers in this industry, which could be divided into 4 main categories:
  • Design & product development (textile designer, fashion designer)
  • Business & management (production manager, retain merchandiser, retain buyer)
  • Technology (clothing and textile technologist)
  • Associated careers (journalism, conservation, media, archiving, teaching or lecturing)

Fashion Industry Insights - How Is It If You Work In Fashion Industry?

All enterprises and companies have specific expectations as well as working cultures when it comes to fashion industry or any industry else. Nonetheless, you are expected to be strongly interested in fashion, read relevant industry press and be sensitive with future trends. The working conditions in fashion industry could vary depending on the feature of work. For instance, if you work as a designer, you will need different characteristics in compared with those of a production manager.

Fashion Industry Insights - What Skills Do You Need? 

Employers in the fashion and design industry have some criteria when it comes to recruitment. They seek a range of skills and qualities, including time management, communication, organizational and entrepreneurial skills, commercial and flexibility awareness and a real interest plus with commitment in the industry. Also, they might require technical knowledge in terms of garment technology, management of production and supply chain, information technology, textile technology, and of course good business acumen. 
Besides, foreign languages are also very helpful, especially upon liaising with the designers and manufacturers in Africa, Asia and Europe. If you used to work on the shop floor, it is another plus point boosting your own CV. Or, if you can attend some specific events like London Fashion Week and Graduate Fashion Week, then chances are, you can develop your networking skill as well as knowledge of the sector. 

Fashion Industry Insights - How Can Your Career Develop?

Careers in fashion industry might be structured within some specific areas and people might start on the shop floor as the assistant / retail manager or in a buying/merchandising department. This industry relies strongly on networking. Knowing the right people is necessary for the development of your career, particularly for the jobs like photographer, designer, and journalist. 

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