Rita Ora becomes the next singer to collaborate with Giuseppe Zanotti

In January 2019, the fashion world witnesses a fancy designer collaboration between Rita Ora- a popular British singer and Giuseppe Zanotti – a luxury footwear designer. In this article, we will provide some information about this effective collaboration.

The forces behind this unique combination

Giuseppe Zanotti is a talented Italian designer who owns Vicini S.p.A – a luxury business. The business focuses on high-fashion and exclusive products and has built a distribution system in 75 countries all over the world.

Giuseppe Zanotti- the founder of Vicini S.p.A / Ph: famousefashiondesigners

Music has always been a source of inspiration for Giuseppe Zanotti outstanding designs. He used to sign partnership agreements with many well-known singers, including Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande,… And all these collaborations were extremely successful.

Recently, Giuseppe Zanotti collaborated with Ora for a brand new collection. This fascinating collection consists of a diverse range of shoes, such as mules, high heels, flat shoes, skates,… especially, the boots with a unique heel.

Experts in the fashion world claim that this is a perfect partnership. They can combine Giuseppe’s iconic designs and Ora’s distinctive style. The collection is an excellent balance, which makes women more tender, charming, feminine and powerful. This collection, thus, will gain huge public attention, generating high sales volume after the official launch.

Rita Ora’s collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti / Ph: azyaamode

Rita Ora seems very excited about her newest collaboration. She says that everything comes like a dream. She is happy and grateful to have a chance to work with Giuseppe Zanotti, a professional and innovative designer. Ora admires Giuseppe’s boundless imagination and she hopes they will create shoes that embody self-empowerment, self-love.

Zanotti also reveals his plan for this partnership “I wanted to create a series of styles that represent the three different facets of Rita: glamour, effortlessness and cool”.

Giuseppe Zanotti, with his deep understandings about women satisfaction, is continuously developing his brand and earning leading stars’ trust. Let’s wait for the best designs created by Giuseppe Zanotti and Rita Ora.

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