4 hottest Beauty trends for Men in 2016

Hottest beauty trends for men is an interesting article that help men take hottest beauty trends to become modern and stylish.


According to a recent study, guys have become more comfortable to adopt the grooming habits of women. In case you are looking for hottest beauty trends for men, then you should not miss out this article with the top hottest trends for men’s beauty:


1. Use Concealer 


Tom Ford For Men Concealor


In fact, women are not the only ones who get uncontrollable dark circles under the eyes after suffering from insomnia. Also, they are not the only ones who feel more self-conscious when there is a blemish to pop up. Traditionally, men had to ask their mom, sister or girlfriend for a spot of concealer. However, everything is gone. On the market, there are a lot of cosmetic lines that are dedicated to meeting the requirements of men. And of course, using concealer has become one of the top hottest beauty trends for men. Apart from concelers, there are also other products that are suitable for men’s skin tones and types. 

2. The Classic Undercut

Clasic undercut I ph@urbanityshopping


One of the hottest beauty trends for men is to choose a classic undercut which still keeps trimmed sides, yet leaves the top hair not too long. This hairstyle is recommended for men who may be a bit apprehensive about this hairstyle as it is quite simple and is not too extreme. Besides, styling this hairstyle is simple. You just need to use a bit of proper hair product to keep it polished and clean. A wet look mousse or gel will offer this haircut a 40’s/50’s touch that may be great to alter the proportions up. 


3. The Circle Beard


Circle beard I ph@differenttypes



This is actually one of the hottest beauty trends for men that you should not miss out!
There are a lot of beard styles for 2016 you can opt for. Circle beard is one of the hottest news of top trends in men’s beauty. It will surely add oomph to your appearance. Known as the “standard beard”, this beard style is a combination of rounded goatee and mustache beard styles. It looks tidy, making it a great option for men who get oval and round face shapes and want to look presentable without having to let go of the beard. In order to get the circle beard, you need to ensure that you get enough amounts of hair to avoid shaving or over trimming. It would be the best option to visit a salon to achieve this circle shape as it may be a little fussy. 

4. Use Body Spray

Men using body spay I ph@Frecked

This is the last one out of the list of the top hottest beauty trends for men that you should follow for good!
Sometimes, guys want to get a light scent and the ability to freshen up throughout the day without the use of a full of cologne. We have found some of the best body sprays for men which beauty trends for men are hot now. They not only smell great, but many of them can also double as a good body deodorant. 

The above 4 top hottest beauty trends keep men stylish looks.

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