Top 5 Fabric & Color trends for 2017-18

See what will be fabric trends and color trends for 2017-2018.
There are some global trends on the fabric and color for 2017-18. These trends provide us a good vision where the future of fashion trends will take us. You will have a chance to use these fabric trends and color trends as basic guidelines for 2016.

Fabric Trends And Color Trends – The Best Trends For Everyone


1. Fabric Trends For Denim

This is because denim mills wrap up the fashion show season, this article will place a special emphasis on the importance of performance denim. Firstly, the theme “In Play” follows the popularity of jogger and yoga jeans. It includes functional yarns, with antibacterial, cool touch, high-tenacity, lightweight thermal denim. The jeans will look authentic, yet get extra character. Secondly, we have “Sleek & Slick” that has super skinny jeans and shaping jeans. These bi-stretch denim fabrics that are reduced in weight will keep strong with brighter surface effects and authentic indigo dyes. Thirdly, “Dreamer” is a theme focused on romantic aesthetics and hand feel. These fabrics are light with a soft hand. Besides, they feature cotton with stable fibers for deluxe touch. Finally, fabrics from “Supernova” feature bright tones as well as light matte applications. This fabric trend includes denim with power stretch and comfort stretch. 

2. Neutral Ground


The “Shades of blue” is offered a whole new outlook expanding from the coolest colors to the deepest colors. Icy blues remind us of the afternoon sky and give us the feelings of quietness and serenity. The darkest of grays and blues give us a sense of deep thought and aloofness. Counteracting the intense blues are light gray shades, all in fluctuating emotions that are induced by tints and tones of the same family.

3. Shades Of Brown

It grows steadily through faint and soft shades of brown. Followed by the rapidly deep maroon, it takes the highest level of affection and devotion. Besides, the darkest shade of brown makes a sense of stability and comfort. This is actually one of the common fabric trends and color trends for 2017-18 you should know. 

4. An Exile With The Heaviest Shades Of Craze

Light shades of blue are quite calming to our eyes contrary to the red-orange shades that are boiling with rage and fury. Coherent muted shades of purple can stimulate our mind and seek spiritual fulfillment. Besides, in its purest form, onyx black is the core of all of the colors, thus remaining a mystery. Through the boldest colors of craze, the dreaming violet hues as well as tranquilizing sky blues, an exile of these shades can just be enjoyed as a form of art. 

5. Colors Reflect The Youthful Spirits

Nurturing soft tints of white and pink are essential to the endearing. Bluish-grays enhance serenity. Working as an accent color, eggplant encourages notions of curiosity and fantasy. Light and dark browns can stabilize the mind and simultaneously add a little warmth to the cool colors. Brining a piece of adventure through black and gray cheetah print, it captures the essence of the youthful spirits. 
The catwalk trends result from a lot of influences, from the global economy to customer behavior. Besides, music, art, film and many other activities affect these fabric trends and color trends.

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