Competition of the world’s most powerful luxury brands

The global powers of luxury goods helps people understand more about the competition of the world’s most powerful luxury brands

The competition of the world’s most powerful luxury brands


1. The World’s Most Powerful Luxury Brands

The luxury brands around the world are conforming unique marketing strategies to develop after the recession. A study named “Top 10 world’s most powerful luxury brands” ranked the world’s most valuable brands from an economic perspective. To calculate the value of a brand, the study looks at its potential for earnings in the future, corporate earnings and other qualitative factors such as distinctiveness, meaningfulness and salience that tell consumers’ attitude toward buying its products.  For example, brands like Vuitton that are a part of a bigger company, finding out this financial value is quite difficult when finding out its percentage contribution to all-round sales. 

2. The Competition Of The World’s Most Powerful Luxury Brands – Analysis



The competition of the world’s most powerful luxury brands is so severe. Firstly, Louis Vuitton, the crown jewel in the luxury brands, is worth $24.7 billion, making it the world’s most powerful brand in the luxury world over the last five years. It focuses on its heritage because a fashion brand made it retain its core customer. It continued to be timeless and unique. This brand increased its prices, focused on quality rather than just compromising its brand value, and invested in creativity. Secondly, the majority of Hermès ranking in second position  is still family-owned. It means that it takes risks when it wants to, and keeping the course when it does not. It also means that this brand focused on its heritage to grow. Moreover, this company not only charges more for its handmade leather bags, but also keeps tight control on customers who can sell these products. This is why you should not find Hermès goods anywhere, but only in its retail boutiques. The third world’s most powerful luxury brand we want to reveal in this article is Gucci. The Italian luxury brand with invaluable vintage handbags and luggage has set itself a lead on other competitors. 

3. Competition Of The World’s Most Powerful Luxury Brands – The Products Review

According to a study, some of the valuable brands cut back on fashion to focus instead on the classics that set up their brands and kept their brand heritage. Brands those focused on heritage and enhanced the exclusivity like Hermès did better than other brands that chased the mass market. Because the economy begins to recover, luxury products are likely to go toward their core customers. Online will be an essential key to luxury sales. Products will take digital media to carry an exclusive and personal luxury experience for their clients. Focusing on substance such as heritage, craftsmanship and subtlety such as discrete packaging will drive the growth of luxury products in the developed markets, where clients will still be willing to invest in the luxury products. In Asia, luxury brands that use badge status and bling to attract to clients will broaden them in the mass market.
The more intensity of competition will be, the enhancement of brand power must be!

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