The roles of Social media in fashion & beauty industry

The roles of social media in fashion & beauty industry is a new article that help you understand the importance of social media.
When it comes to social media, we do not often see it as a powerful tool it is. The social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat have emerged to offer users new ways to connect with their friends and their followers; and the impact of social media on the fashion and beauty industry runs deeper than picture-sharing. It has grown with both negative and positive influence on our society’s beliefs.
The Roles Of Social Media In Fashion & Beauty Industry – The Most Important Info

1. The Roles Of Social Media In Fashion & Beauty Industry – The Fashion Industry


There is no doubt that the social media has being revolutionized the fashion industry. Certainly, the impact of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on our fashion industry has been various, but with new revolutions, it also comes with new challenges as well as new hierarchies. It is easy to say that the social media has provided a good chance to creative individuals, who without the traditional education. The fashion industry has been democratized, but if you are passionate, determined and talented enough to take your fashion goods to the fashion forefront, then you will find a way

2. The Roles Of Social Media In Fashion & Beauty Industry – The Beauty Industry


The beauty industry has passed an exciting conversion over the past 10 years, and even with the increase in the internet and the knowledge sharing, consumers are demanding good and new technologies, ingredients and products. Beauty industry could get some lessons from the fashion industry that has done in embracing social media. The beauty industry clearly understands the benefit that social media can bring to a brand’s success. For instance, premium fashion brand Burberry succeeds with over 63,000 followers sharing outfit inspiration with Burberry products in Pinterest. Premium makeup brand Chanel could follow suit by posting the latest looks in order to promote new makeup lines and listing makeup products used to make a certain look. Now, consumers want to see a product online and read reviews to know whether this product is worth investing. 


3. Are Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest Useful Sale Channels For Retailers?


All brands have invested in attracting and retaining sellers. The more sellers an e-commerce site has, the higher variety of products. It gets to attract customers. For example, Pinterest, which is called” a catalogue of ideas”, focuses on food, fashion and parenting. Although Pinterest is not as instant as Instagram, as shouting as Twitter or as sexy as Snapchat, it works like a glossy magazine and actually drives e-commerce sales.
After making a test of buying buttons, Facebook is trying a shopping tab that will help retailers to improve their shopping experience on the app more easily. Besides, Instagram introduced action-oriented advertisement that helps retailers link to product pages from their Instagram ads. . Pinterest introduced the features called “click-to-buy”, the hope was that they could make brands decide to turn mobile browsers into shoppers. However, they actually create very low sales volume to retailers and are even inconsiderable for most of powerful brands. Some retailers say that the social media are a great acquisition tool for customer. There is a lot of information on these social media sites, so any of the individual piece of information gets a bit visibility, even less conversion. 

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