Sensai launches collagen-based skin care creams

Sensai- a Japanese “prestigious” anti-ageing skincare brand has focused the power of collagen in its new two skincare creams: Wrinkle Repair Cream and Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream



Sensai's Wrinkle Repair Cream &  Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream both contain three actives to support natural collagen activity. Hyaluronic acid works to break down old collagen, while moon peach leaf extract helps create new collagen. Himefuro flower extract defends against the breakdown of collagen.
Both have a silky smooth texture and are said to leave skin looking smoother, firmer and younger.


40 mL - (£160)
A rich, comforting cream designed to deliver moisture, re-plump visible lines and ease the impressions of age. As if years have been lifted away, skin looks and feels silky smooth and firm.


15 mL - (£120)
The creamy texture goes on smoothly to indulge the eye area with deep moisture, and help ease the impressions that come with age. Eyes sparkle with a new radiance as if years have been shed away.

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