The modern gentleman – grooming trends

"Not only do 52% of global male consumers consider their appearance to be ‘either important or very important’, but 29% touch up their looks throughout the day". It is result of a research recently about men.

The grooming basics will always be the same: hairnailsskinteeth. Every gentleman must deal with these four key areas. However, the The modern gentleman – grooming trends will be focuse things as follows:



This is tricky territory and a facial accessory that divides the masses right down the middle. How long is too long? How thick is too thick? If you have the means, and your job allows it, it’s worth experimenting with your beard. But if you do, you have to keep it in check the same way that you would the hair on top of your head. 


The fact is men are ageing at the same rate as women. So that men should taking care of their skins by using a moisturiser.

Skin is such a broad topic to cover. There’s the face and the body and both areas need to be washed and moisturized. This means every man should have a cleanser and moisturizer for the face and soap/cleanser/wash and moisturizer for the body. The type of product you use depends on your skin type, and each person’s skin type varies of course.



Grooming goes beyond the products but extends into having a healthy diet and exercise routine. Having an at minimum quickie calisthenics workout each morning and/or night will go a long way. To maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails eat foods or take vitamin supplements with Vitamin E. Most importantly drink lots and lots of water.

That keeps an important role for men's healthy and perfection of their appearances. Hence using vitamins daily. 

The all-in-one product 

This is best suit for men. The single product that does multiple jobs such as a moisturiser that also promises a host of anti-ageing benefits or a face wash that’s also an exfoliator.


The Grooming Routine is all about discipline and efficiency. Having a set routine saves you time, sharpens your organization skills, and most of all makes you more of an urban gentleman.

An Urban Gentleman’s Grooming Routine:

Brush teeth, floss, rinse with mouthwash
Wash & Moisturize Body
*Wash & Condition Hair
(if you have straight/wavy/loosely curly hair)
Wash & Moisturize Face
*Lightly moisturize hair
(men of color/black men)
Brush/Comb/Style Hair (including facial hair)
2-3 dabs of cologne

Moisturize feet
Brush any dirt from underneath nails

(men of color/black men):
Shampoo/Condition Hair
Hair cut or shape-up

Cut nails
Manscape (trim excessive body hair if desired)

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