The 'N°5 L'Eau de Chanel' perfume has unveiled

The latest version of Chanel's iconic N° 5 fragrance embodied by Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp- the icon of 'N°5 L'Eau', Ph: courtesy of Chanel


"'N°5 L'Eau' is not an eau de cologne. It is by no means a watered-down version of the original fragrance since, for Chanel, each version is a genuine olfactory creation. 'N°5 L'Eau' is the contemporary N°5: a blend whose signature note is modernity and whose leitmotif is freshness." As the basis for his new fragrance, Olivier Polge decided to focus on aldehydes combined with citrus fruits (lemon, mandarin and orange) and with a floral bouquet (rose, oxygenated jasmine and ylang ylang). All of this is wrapped up with the sweetness of vetiver, cedar and musks.

'Chanel N'°5 L'Eau' will be available from 2nd September with price is €68 for the 35 ml bottles (limited edition), €89 for the 50 ml and €126 for the 100 ml.

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