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Increasing male cosmetic surgery trend: short-term or long-term?

January 31, 2019

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons report, in 2016, Americans spend nearly $16 billion on plastic surgeries. Generally, most patients who perform plastic surgery are females, which account for nearly 90% treatments because of their enormous demand for beauty. The changing in mens demand for beauty gives clinicians the opportunity to break into this market.

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The rising of this market due to some reasons, such as social changes toward men surgery, the international trend or just human instinct. The clinicians who are interested in this emerging market have to consider their advantages when serving men patients.

The reasons are that they are just familiar with women surgeries and they have few experiences in performing aesthetic treatments for men. Moreover, another factor is whether this increasing demand is long-term or short-term. Clinicians should take these 2 things into consideration to ensure their benefits.

How do men get older?

Men wrinkles appear more deeply than women / Ph coolest-concepts

Clinicians need to understand clearly physical features of aging men in order to hold successful plastic surgeries that meet mens demand. There are obvious differences between men and women body, which makes their aging processes quite different. These differences include muscle mass, bone structure, skin thickness, and fat distribution. Men, when getting older, fine wrinkles start to appear around their faces. Some even suffer significant loss of hair, starting to go bald.

As men have thicker skin and more facial muscles than women, when they get older and lose weight, their wrinkles appear more deeply than women. These hard-to-remove wrinkles make them look much older than their age. For a long period of time, women are the target market for plastic surgeries. To provide aesthetic treatments for men, clinicians need to be trained more to follow this growing men surgery trend.

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