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How will the 10 trends of plant-based foods that determine what we eat and by 2019?

December 13, 2018


2018 is about to end, and the food and beverage industry is wondering what will come next. Grocer Whole Foods shows that the demand for flavors from Asia, Oceania, and South Americas west coast is on the rise. Meanwhile, the business boom of hemp will also be a factor in next year.

Flavors from Asia, Oceania, and South Americas west coast is on the rise / Ph. Pinterest

Grocer Whole Foods has announced a list of trends that it expects to dominate in 2019, with a lot of buyers and collaborators working to predict what will determine what we eat.

Here are the top 10 food trends forecast for 2019:

1.     Pacific Rim. Flavors from Asia, Oceania and South Americas west coast are becoming increasingly hot. Whole Food has a list of guava, dragon fruit, Philippine sausages, dried shrimp, cuttlefish, and shrimp paste as some eye-catching ingredients.

2.     Shelf-stable probiotics. Now, brands focused on health care, cleaning products and beauty brands are trying to make money in the trend. Demand for Probiotics has increased over time, in fermented kimchi and in various pickled foods.

3.     Phat fats. Whole Foods cites keto diets, paleo, no nuts and even pegan (paleo + vegan) as helping people add fat to their diet.

4.     Frozen treats. “The new pints on the block are adding a fresh take on a timeless treat with innovative bases like avocado, hummus, tahini and coconut water,” Whole Foods says.

5.     Marine munchies beyond seaweed. Seaweed is the main ingredient in 2018, now, others such as seaweed butter and kelp are being added to the menu.

6.     Hemp. The emergence of cannabidiol (CBD) means hemp is a hot topic because it is a less legal option in the marijuana business boom, and cannabidiol is becoming increasingly popular.

7.     Faux meat snacks. “While plant-based foods arent exactly a new trend, our experts noted more people – even those who dont eat only vegan or vegetarian – are exploring plant-based snacking as their palates crave adventure, want a break from meat or seek more ways to add savoury umami flavours to snacks and meals,” Whole Foods says.

8.     Give the right to buy. “In 2019, thoughtful consideration behind purchases moves beyond environmental stewardship and animal welfare, and becomes more people-focused”

9.     Eco-friendly packaging. Parts manufacturers are encouraging customers to bring their own bags. In addition, they also prohibit straws and single-use packaging.

10.                        Gourmet snacks. “Snacking across the board will take a turn toward the fancy, and snacks, as they start to usurp the usual three-meals-a-day routine, are anything but ordinary”

What contribution do you make to these trends? Update it now.

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